Countess Luann De Lesseps Is Back In Rehab

Luann de Lesseps Before They Were Housewives

It has been a difficult year for Luann de Lesseps, best known for appearing on Bravo's The Real Housewives of New York. Better known as The Countess, the reality TV star has been troubled by her reported alcoholism, which lead to Luann's drunken arrest in Palm Beach, FL on Christmas Eve. de Lesseps has tried to live on the straight and narrow path since that encounter with law enforcement, as she has focused her energy on living a cleaner, healthier life, along with a cabaret show, #CountessAndFriends, a new season of The Real Housewives of New York to work on in the process. But sadly, that hasn't kept The Countess from unfortunately suffering a relapse, as she reportedly spiraled back into drinking for at least two weeks. Now, The Countess has entered rehab once again.

According to sources close to the reality TV star, Luann de Lesseps is back in rehab for the second time in less than a year. It is disappointing and disheartening for fans of the television personality to hear that news. But thankfully, The Countess is seeking the help she needs in her ongoing troubles with alcohol abuse. According to TMZ, de Lesseps has only been "pretending" to be sober for the past couple weeks, although it's unclear how long she has been faking it. Friends of Luann de Lesseps believe it has been around two weeks into her relapse, but that isn't confirmed at this time. Although de Lesseps has claimed that she was living healthier and drink-free for quite a few months now, it's possible that she was painting a lie, and that she is still deeply addicted to her vice. We wish her a speedy recovery.

It is especially hard for fans of The Real Housewives of New York to hear this news because Luann de Lesseps was not only claiming she was sober, but that she was "six months sober" on July 2nd. In the midst of celebrating the 4th of July, The Countess wrote the following holiday address, where she was seen reuniting with her ex-husband, The Count, and their kids. See the Instagram post below.

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But this post was either a falsehood or her sobriety was sadly only short-lived, because sources claim Luann de Lesseps was seen the next day at a charity event where she was seemingly intoxicated. She reportedly made a noisy (and late) entrance, disrupted a piano performance, hit up the bar and hit on several guys in a way that was very overt and "touchy-feely." Her sobriety achievement didn't last. And while it's hard to know why she returned to drinking, some friends have claimed it might have something to do with a recent legal hassle with her adult children, where the reality TV star is being sued for disagreements about the trust. It has allegedly been weighing heavily on de Lesseps and it might've sparked a return to old habits. She hasn't responded to this news, but we wish The Countess well.

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