How Lin-Manuel Miranda Feels About Returning To Hamilton On Stage

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda is currently at the height of his career, and he's only expected to soar higher. With everyone vying for his attention and his multiple talents, Miranda is a very busy man, and is soon set to revisit the role that made him a beloved superstar: Alexander Hamilton. Returning to the Broadway smash musical that he wrote, composed and starred in, the actor and creator is obviously experiencing a fluttering of feelings. To explain all those bubbling emotions, Lin-Manuel Miranda discussed reprising his most iconic performance, and how he prepares himself when getting back into the character that changed his life.

I am 50% excited, 50% terrified. . . . The other thing I'm really looking forward to is when I was in Hamilton, in that first crazy year when my life changed, the most peaceful three hours of my day were when I was on stage. Because your only job is to be Hamilton. It's a 14-course meal for an actor.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is currently preparing to return to Hamilton in Puerto Rico, where he hopes to raise awareness to the devastation the island is still facing after Hurricane Maria. His goal is to reach $15 million through the latest productions of the award-winning show, which will take place in January. All proceeds will go straight to relief funds. There is an estimated over $100 billion in damages, according to The Associated Press. Through returning to his beloved Broadway show, Miranda will do everything in his power to bring salvation and relief to those who need it during their times of distress.

During his recent conversation on Today, Lin-Manuel Miranda said that it was always in the cards to bring Hamilton to Puerto Rico. By his own admission, after the second week of the musical earning stellar reviews, the actor-playwright set his sights on touring the show, with performances in Puerto Rico at the forefront of his mind. He made a note of saying his first acclaimed musical, In the Heights, also played in Puerto Rico, and he remembered how big of an impact it made for the people in the audiences. But when the hurricane hit the island, where his parents are from, Miranda knew he needed to bring Hamilton down there. He wanted to do everything he could to make the island better, and he hopes that by returning to Hamilton, he can help in restoring the country.

Meanwhile, beyond his efforts in Puerto Rico, Lin Manuel Miranda has a slew of other projects attracting his attention. In December, the actor will be seen in Mary Poppins Returns, the anticipated musical sequel to the adored original. When that flies into theaters on December 19th. Emily Blunt will be in the title role, while Miranda plays Jack, the character made iconic by Dick Van Dyke. Additionally, Lin-Manuel Miranda announced earlier this month that he's soon planning to jump into the director's chair with a film adaptation of Tick, Tick... Boom, which is based on the autobiographical musical by Jonathan Larson of the same name. Additionally, In the Heights is also currently gearing up for its own film adaptation, although Miranda is only involved as a producer at this time. He is also soon planning to publish the book Gmorning, Gnight!, which is based on some of his tweets.

As we said earlier, it's a busy time to be Lin-Manuel Miranda. Thankfully, he is also focusing his efforts on making an impact for people in need.

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