Watch The Foo Fighters Cover Enter Sandman With A 10-Year-Old Guitarist

Foo Fighters "Walk" Music Video

Every kid has a fantasy about rocking out with their favorite musicians. Particularly young musicians. Hell, even adults sometimes catch themselves daydreaming once or twice about belting out tunes with their favorite musicians or sharing the stage with one (or more) of their favorite rock legends. Not many people are lucky enough to actually know what it's like to make sweet music with their music idols. For 10-year-old Colier Rule, however, he knows exactly what the experience is like.

In Kansas City, the very young musician -- barely in the double digits -- found himself performing Metallica's "Enter Sandman" with The Foo Fighters, in front of hundreds of people (at least). The clip of the music moment found its way online, of course, and instantly became a viral sensation. Now, thanks to one fateful rock concert moment, Colier Rule has an extremely rocking story that he'll never, ever forget. Check out the concert clip below.

As seen in the clip above, Colier Rule was brought up on stage and asked by the world-famous band if he knew any songs. He claimed to know "a lot of Metallica songs," which garnered an excited reaction from The Foo Fighters. It was shortly after Rule mentioned his love of Metallica that Dave Grohl asked the guitar-player if he wanted to play a Metallica song. Shortly thereafter, the famous rock band and the early guitar player played "Enter Sandman" in front of hundreds of people. The moment was caught on camera by at least one of those hundreds of folks inside the well-attended concert.

In addition to "Enter Sandman," though, Colier Rule also played other Metallica song "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" with The Foo Fighters. The event also ended on a sweet note, as Dave Grohl gave his guitar to the young musician before he walked away. Grohl didn't seem to mind and it all worked out, since the tour was nearly over. It proved to be an unforgettable night for not only Colier Rule but everyone in attendance there, especially as the footage now lives in infamy online.

When it comes to backstory, it appears that the stage appearance happened quite spontaneously. As Fox News explained it upon catching up with the now-famous child guitarist, young Colier Rule was simply an unsuspecting guitar-loving kid in the audience on Friday night at The Foo Fighters concert at the Sprint Center when he was called up onto the stage by none other than Dave Grohl, the frontman of the band. He asked if he could play the guitar and Rule said, "Yes." That's when he found himself on stage with The Foo Fighters this past weekend. The rest, as they often say, is history.

Most people are lucky if they even get a chance to see their favorite musicians perform live, let alone get in contact with them, meet them and eventually play a song or two with them. Colier Rule, however, was very fortunate to be a part of such a sensational moment of concertgoing history, and the young musician has the guitar and the memories to prove it. Meanwhile, for more news and updates related to music, come back to CinemaBlend for more.

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