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Jamie Dornan Fifty Shades of Grey

In the Fifty Shades of Grey films, Jamie Dornan wooed his way into superstardom through his portrayal of the confident, wealthy, and handsome titular character, Christian Grey. But in real life, the actor from Northern Ireland appears to be more modest. In a recent interview, Dornan claims that he's "always been shy," particularly during his school days. And even though he is a world-famous actor, he claims that he's still not very confident. Here's what Dornan said:

I've always been shy, particularly at school. But as you grow up, you open up more, especially when you have kids. I still don't think I'm very confident. I'm polite, though, which helps you get through uncomfortable situations, because most people respond well to manners. Or I'll talk to myself to get psyched up, especially if I have to do any sort of public speaking. Sometimes I just talk nonsense right up until the event to take my mind off anything that's about to happen.

In the confessional interview with Times Now News, Jamie Dornan claims that he's not actually that confident in himself, which is a trait that came from his early days in school. He is "polite," however, which he believes is the reason why he has been so successful as an actor and person throughout the years. He also believes that being polite prevented him from getting in trouble during "uncomfortable situations" -- whatever those situations might be.

While Jamie Dornan might still struggle to find his confidence in his day-to-day life, he has a lot to be thankful for -- both as an actor and in his personal life. His commitment to the Fifty Shades trilogy may be finished (for now) with this year's Fifty Shades Freed, but the lucrative success of that franchise has allowed the actor to branch out and pursue other roles elsewhere.

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This weekend, Jamie Dornan appeared in the biographical drama A Private War, starring Rosamund Pike. Last month, he played a supporting role in HBO's biopic My Dinner with Herve, starring Peter Dinklage. He's soon set to be seen in Untogether and Robin Hood.

Meanwhile, in the actor's personal life, Jamie Dornan and his wife, actress/musician Amelia Warner, recently announced they're welcoming another child into their lives. The couple already shares two daughters, Dulcie (4) and Elva (2), so the forthcoming baby will mark the fifth member of the family.

It remains an active year for Jamie Dornan, and the actor has a lot on his plate. But that hectic lifestyle hasn't necessarily impacted his confidence, it seems, based on these recent comments. While Mr. Grey has no shortage of swagger, that confidence wasn't seemingly found in the man playing him. Meanwhile, for additional updates with Jamie Dornan and inside pop culture, check back in with CinemaBlend for the latest news and developments.

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