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Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Oscars 2019

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga share an explosive amount of chemistry together, particularly throughout the tragic love story found within A Star is Born. The sizzling, steamy romance they share in the movie is obviously fictionalized, but many viewers believe their passion is simply too good not to be true. Particularly with this Sunday's intimate and sultry rendition of "Shallow" during the Oscars telecast, there are many people wondering, "Are Cooper and Gaga actually an item?" If that's true, neither party has spilled the beans -- although Gaga's recently dissolved engagement does add a few sticks of speculation to the fire.

Even though Bradley Cooper is currently in a committed relationship with his partner, model Irina Shayk, and they've been going steady since 2015, there are many people who are wondering if Cooper is sleeping with Lady Gaga in secret. And adding more fuel to the already-burning media firestorm is Jennifer Esposito, Cooper's ex-wife, who responded in a cryptic way to the question on social media.

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Jennifer Esposito only had a one-word response to the notion of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga hooking up with each other, but it was caught by the always-stealthy Comments by Celebs and blasted into hyper-focus. Esposito was responding to David Spade, who asked his Instagram followers if there was any chance these two celebrities "aren't fucking" after their incredible duet during the Oscars. With one short, cutting "ha," Esposito seemed to suggest that it wasn't totally out-of-the-question for Cooper to be cheating on his girlfriend with Lady Gaga. Or maybe, if we're being kind, she was laughing at the notion that Cooper wouldn't be faithful?

It's unclear what the context of the comment is. The response seems intentionally cryptic, and there might be a bit of bad blood boiling in there too. But it's hard to know since there wasn't a lot publicized about the fallout of their relationship. They were married between 2005 and 2007, when Cooper was still a supporting actor in comedies like Wedding Crashers, Failure to Launch and, before that, Wet Hot American Summer. They were separated exactly one year before Cooper skyrocketed into stardom with his standout role in The Hangover, becoming a media darling shortly thereafter. So, one doesn't know exactly what caused his marriage to collapse. But one can speculate.

If you haven't seen it yet, or you wish to watch it again, check out Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's Sunday performance of the Oscar-winning "Shallow" below.

Of course, the question is merely for fun, and it doesn't really affect anyone's lives besides the people involved whether Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga hook up or not. But the notion was given more validity after Jennifer Esposito's response, and the rumor mill is spinning a little faster this week. One can't help being a bit curious.

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