Katy Perry Open To Collaborating With Taylor Swift

Katy Perry - "Swish Swish" Music Video / Taylor Swift "Bad Blood" Music Video

It took a little while, but Taylor Swift and Katy Perry finally learned to put aside their differences last year when Perry extended a literal olive branch to Swift before her best-selling stadium tour. Their relationship was icy at its best during their biting feud, and it wasn't never a certainty that they'd respect each other again-- let alone ever work together. But now that the tides have turned, the question is proposed again: Will Taylor Swift and Katy Perry collaborate together? For Katy Perry, it is not really out of the question. Here's what the American Idol judge said when asked:

I mean, I'm making music with Zedd, [so] I'm open.

This response by Katy Perry came from the red carpet of the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles, when the artist spoke with Entertainment Tonight. Perry was standing next to Zedd, the German music producer, while she made the comment found above. So, it seems as though it was meant to be rather tongue-in-cheek and not a backhanded statement regarding her fellow musician. They worked together on the new single, "365," and the outfit Katy Perry wore to the awards show is the same one she wears in the music video for that very song.

To be clear, Katy Perry isn't confirming that she's doing a collaboration with Taylor Swift at this time. Surely, if that were the case, you probably would've heard all about it by now. Rather, she wanted to let the world know that she was open to the possibility, despite the checkered history she shares with her fellow pop musician.

It should be noted that, once upon a time, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were once set to come together and work together. More specifically, Perry was set to appear in Swift's music video for "End Game." But word has it, she did film a part in the video but she was either blurred out almost completely or cut out entirely, and that only made their relationship more prickly at the time. Particularly since Perry claims she wanted to bury the hatchet between them shortly before this latest feud debacle.

Now that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are on the road to recovering their friendship, the possibilities are growing between them. It might only be a matter of time before they join each other in the recording studio. We will most certainly keep you posted if such a collaboration is confirmed. But for now, Perry is not dismissing the notion.

Who knows if or when such a collaboration could arrive, but the future is apparently looking bright for this celebrity friendship-turned-feud-turned-friendship again. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift haven't always been on each other's best side, but maybe they can channel their messy relationship into their music, the way they did when they were feuding? Only time will tell for certain. For now, however, we'll definitely be sure to tell you all about the latest news, updates and developments in film, television, pop culture, celebrity culture and a whole lot more here at CinemaBlend.

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