Amanda Bynes Jumps On Trampoline In Buffalo, Denies Being In Buffalo

It takes a lot for an Amanda Bynes story to stand out these days, but considering this one involves trampolines, brown wigs and Buffalo, New York, I think it’s got a real shot of being remembered. Last night, the She’s The Man actress was reportedly spotted by numerous people in Buffalo, New York attending a bounce class at SkyZone.

According to TMZ, Bynes signed in using her middle name, appeared disheveled and wandered around somewhat aimlessly for a bit before bouncing and having a grand old time for about an hour. Had that been it, the whole thing likely would have been written off as just a strange celebrity sighting, but later in the day, Bynes was spotted by a local fan who recorded himself asking the actress why she was in Buffalo. Hilariously, she denied being in Buffalo---to a man who was also in Buffalo. Then, she hit up Twitter to deny going to SkyZone and to deny owning a brown wig.

Being in Buffalo is far from the first thing Bynes has denied recently. From her feud with Rihanna to her last arrest, she wants the world to know what the media has to say about her isn’t necessarily right. Unfortunately, the comments haven’t just been coming from members of the media lately. In fact, her own parents are reportedly considering a conservatorship if her strange behavior keeps up.

Here’s to hoping, whether she’s in Buffalo, New York or Boise, Idaho, Bynes is able to find some peace and quiet for a little while.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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