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Beyonce To Headline H&M's Summer Campaign

Beyoncé is continuing her trek to dominate the world. Just a few days after the 31-year-old released a brand new single and hit the cover of the magazine Shape, the singer has decided to be the new face of H&M and has already shot some photos for the brand’s summer campaign. Yes, that means she’s willing to bow down enough to wear some cheap clothes.

Not that Beyoncé looks anything less than glamorous in her first photo for the clothing outlet. In the image, the singer is looking sexy on a lounge chair at the beach while wearing a pair of super low-cut shorts and an unbuttoned cream color top, as well as some gold bangles. While a good percentage of the population (myself included) would never dare to wear that pair of hotpants, there’s no doubt Beyoncé will be an asset to the H&M brand.

The singer announced the news on Thursday, noting that she was drawn to the campaign ideas of women representing the elements—wind, earth, water, and fire. I’m not sure that idea totally stands out in the above photo, but if she needs to hear a little bullshit to buy into the concept, that’s her business. According to H&M, more shots from the Nassau shoot will hit stores in May. Additionally, the singer has a new song called “Standing in the Sun” which will be featured in an H&M commercial this spring.

It looks like Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance was only the start of a big year for the singer. We wish her the best and hope that her fans will quickly forget the disaster that was her most recent single, “Bow Down/ I Been On.”

Jessica Rawden

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