Buckwild Stars Reportedly Shopping A Sex Tape

Television shows typically get cancelled because of bad ratings, but viewership definitely wasn’t the problem with Buckwild. Viewers supported the MTV staple pretty well. Unfortunately, tragedy and problems with the law generated an incredible amount of bad press, causing MTV to prematurely pull the plug. If today’s news is any indication, it seems they made the right call too.

According to TMZ, there’s currently a sex tape of stars Shae Bradley and Jesse J making the rounds. Producers allegedly knew about the footage prior to production and put a lid on it, but with the show now cancelled, it’s once again being shopped. It supposedly features the couple having sex pretty conventionally with her clothed from the waist up.

Given the description of the tape and Jesse J and Shae’s low level of fame, it’s highly unlikely they’ll get a large amount of money for the footage, which either they or a third party are shopping. That being said, it doesn’t mean a deal won’t eventually be struck. With their show cancelled, it’s possible these two might enjoy having one more big payday before retreating back to a quieter life in West Virginia.

Bradley has publically confirmed this tape does exist, but if either party speaks on record beyond that, we will be sure to bring you their thoughts. Until then, feel free to speculate wildly about what other castmembers may have sex tapes floating around somewhere.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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