Chris Evans Likes A Woman With A Big Butt

Movie stars are required to do a lot of interviews. After awhile, one would imagine they all sort of run together, which is why Playboy sit-downs are so often an appealing alternative for both men and women. They allow the actor or actress to field a different set of questions and show a different side of their personalities.

Captain America lead Chris Evans apparently enjoys that freedom too because his new interview with Playboy is nothing, if not a whole lot of fun. Asked to describe his ideal woman, Evans outlines five imperative characteristics, four of which are decidedly grounded. He looks for ladies who are compassionate and generous, have self-deprecating senses of humor and good souls. Oh and he also likes a big ass too.

The rest I’m really flexible on. I like a good ass, though. I will say that. It’s ¬Playboy, right? I can say that? I like a big ass.

With all the stock, PC answers celebrities give when asked to describe their ideal mates, it’s almost refreshing to see someone answer like he was talking to a friend sitting next to him on the couch. Besides, I’m not sure there’s anyone in the world who doesn’t appreciate a woman with a callipygian figure.

To check out the entire interview in print form, you can pick up the May issue of Playboy at your local newsstands. Until then, feel free to think about Nicki Minaj as you go about your day.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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