Cindy Crawford Tells Oprah Richard Gere Taught Her How To Deal With Fame

Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere’s four year marriage may have ended in divorce, but that doesn’t mean the model looks back on the relationship with nothing more than a pile of regrets. In actuality, she views the time she spent with the Arbitrage actor as a happy chapter in her life, one in which she learned from the best possible person how to handle fame.

Crawford made the admission over the weekend during the latest episode of Oprah Presents Master Class. She was just twenty-one when she met the star at famed photographer Herb Ritts’ house, and she fell for him almost immediately. After four years of dating, they walked down the aisle in 1991. The marriage imploded in ’95, but watching Gere let fans know he noticed and appreciated them while still maintaining boundaries always stuck with Crawford. Here’s a portion of what she had to say, as per US Magazine

"Being a nice girl from the Midwest, my inclination is always to give and say yes because I want people to like me. But then I saw Richard do it in a way that was like, 'You know what? Sorry, I'm not doing that. But I see you.’ He felt it was really just about making that connection, looking someone in the eyes and making sure that they felt seen."

There’s something about Oprah Winfrey that puts her subjects at ease. From getting Jay-Z to admit he’s worried about his daughter being spoiled to getting Lance Armstrong to finally admit he cheated, she’s a master at getting straight answers, and that was on full display the other night. Neither Crawford nor Gere has been particularly excited about hashing out the details of their personal life, but to Crawford’s credit, she was able to do that without spilling too many specific secrets.

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