Floyd Mayweather Goes Off On Ex Over Instagram, Claims She Aborted Their Babies

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is known for turning some heads with his eccentric behavior and aggressive opinions, but today, he shocked even his biggest supporters when he went off on his ex-fiancée about abortions during a social media rant. More specifically, he went off on Shantel Jackson for supposedly choosing to abort their unborn twins without his consent, telling the world that’s why he actually broke up with her.

The shocking scene happened this morning on Instagram. Mayweather has since airbrushed the correspondence in question, but he wasn’t able to do so before numerous outlets were able to take a screenshot of what he said.

You can take a look at it below, courtesy of All Hip Hop

Abortion is a highly sensitive topic. There are plenty of people who agree on almost everything and can’t find common ground there. That being said, I think an overwhelming majority of people could agree accusing a woman publicly of having an abortion is out of bounds. Whether you believe in a woman’s right to choose or not, she should have the right to be as open and as secretive as she wants about a decision like that.

Of course, Jackson wasn’t willing to just let that comment hang out there without response. So, she loaded up her own gun and fired back, claiming it was stuff like this that caused her to walk out on the relationship.

At this point, it’s unclear whether the couple had an argument ahead of his post, whether he just found out what happened or whether he was just randomly mad about it and wanted the world to know. Apart from these comments, neither one of them is speaking on the record about what happened. A conspiracy theorist might say it’s all clever promotion for Money’s fight this weekend, but that seems like a really low blow to try and drum up interest. Plus, he’s had some problems with controlling his temper around women in stressful situations in the past.

Regardless, here’s to hoping for everyone’s sake these two start getting along a little better or at least keep their dirty laundry out of the spotlight.

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