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When Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony first publicly announced their split, the word from many sources was the situation was very contentious. Rumors involving everything from infidelity to inappropriate outfit choices made the rounds. Many fans held out hope of an eventual reconciliation, but after her rebound with Casper Smart dragged on for months and his with Shannon De Lima produced a tattoo celebrating freedom, most people began accepting that a divorce was coming. It turns out things might be a little rosier than those negative predictions.

According to TMZ, some of the couple’s closest friends are beginning to think the relationship may not be over for good. Both parties are still involved with their aforementioned significant others, but apparently, they’ve been getting along better than they have in years since the break-up. The couple has reportedly been working together to make decisions about their children, and each has enjoyed being in each other’s company during the publicity for their upcoming show. Taken together, it’s definitely not enough to say a reunion is inevitable, but it certainly does make you wonder.

With all apologies to Casper Smart and Shannon De Lima, if Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez think they can make it work, the pair should give it a shot again. They have kids. They have a past, and they’ve built a life together. If however, it is officially over, then these positive vibes are still good news because cooperation and mutual respect are always better when children are involved.

We’ll keep you updated if any of these rumors actually amount to anything.