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George Zimmerman To Fight Rapper DMX In Celebrity Boxing Match

Look, George Zimmerman is getting into a boxing ring with rapper DMX. It’s happening, this is a real thing that people will pay to see. All I can imagine is that Zimmerman is getting more time in the limelight for being a despicable human being, DMX has been irrelevant for far too long in his mind, and while justice in a civilized manner was arguably not served, we now turn to the gladiatorial ring. I don’t care if Zimmerman gets pummeled, or not, I just can’t believe that our bloodthirst is aching for this to happen.

It’d be preposterous to think the boxing match will be anything other than a silly new Celebrity Boxing matchup. Zimmerman is not being killed before a live audience here, it’s not the same as the Roman era games. But the blood is in the water, and the reason that opportunist Damon Feldman, jumped at the chance to put on another fight is because he knows that there are a lot of people in the world who are angry that Zimmerman got away with killing a young black man. Zimmeran’s fame comes from the February 2012 incident where he shot and killed the unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, an act for which he was tried for murder and acquitted.

Damon put the word out that he was looking for a contender last week, and was flooded with responses from people wishing to punish Zimmerman in the ring. Rapper DMX has gone on the record saying that he would “beat the living fuck” out of Zimmerman.

According to a statement by Damon Feldman to CNN last Thursday:

"The news has been out for an hour and my e-mail is overloaded with 8,000 people wanting to fight George,”

After thousands of entries, Damon has picked DMX as the contender. We’ll find out in a week where and when this fight will take place.

I think Chelsea Lately writer, Ian Karmel, put it best on twitter.

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