Heidi Klum's Jessica Rabbit Costume Is Incredible, Doesn't Even Seem Real

Few women are capable of playing dress-up better than Heidi Klum. The popular supermodel and host of Project Runway has been turning heads for years with a wide variety of smart and sometimes sexy ensembles, but she may have actually topped herself this weekend when she dressed up as Who Framed Roger Rabbit bombshell Jessica Rabbit for Halloween. Check out the absolutely incredible effort she put in below…

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I don’t know what’s more impressive: that she looks so much like Jessica Rabbit or that she looks nothing whatsoever like Heidi Klum. In fact, this almost looks like a cartoon sketch. If she walked into a party and people had to guess which celebrity she was, there’s no way they would have come up with the European supermodel. And with good reason! She underwent extensive alterations with makeup and prosthetics (NSFW-ish) in order to pull it off.

At the end of the day, Halloween is about having fun, and that should inform every person’s costume decision. If a girl wants to wear something flirty and fun, she should do that. If she wants to wear something goofy and creative that has nothing to do with sex appeal, she should do that. Same thing with guys. If they want to wear a gorilla suit or dress up as a shirtless fireman, anything should be fair game. It’s all about wearing whatever it is that you personally can have the most fun in. Obviously, Heidi Klum is someone that likes to go over the top with her choices and have a lot of fun; so, good for her. Judging by the Internet response, she clearly got the doubletakes she was looking for.

Of course, she was far from the only celebrity who decided to dress up in 2015. For a full round-up of all our favorite costumes, you can head over to our best off list.

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