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Here's Why Nick Cannon And Mariah Carey Are About To Divorce

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey may have renewed their vows at the Happiest Place On Earth, but sadly, that Mouse House magic wasn’t enough to guarantee them a lifetime of bliss. The America’s Got Talent host and the popular pop singer have reportedly decided to split up and go in separate directions.

According to TMZ, the spouses started having problems in March when Cannon appeared on Big Boy’s radio show and got a little bit personal. More specifically, he revealed a laundry list of famous women he’s had sex with including Kim Kardashian. That apparently didn’t sit too well with Mariah, especially after he later spoke with Howard Stern about her unwillingness to have sex before marriage.

Those two interviews reportedly generated just enough animosity to reveal some bigger problems below the surface. He’s apparently frustrated that she only surrounds herself with people pleasers who validate and affirm everything she says. She’s apparently frustrated that he takes every single gig that comes his way, even if it means he doesn’t spend a ton of time with her and the kids.

After fighting about all of the above for a few months, he apparently moved out in May, and in the time since, they’ve put together all the pieces needed for a quiet divorce. Lawyers are allegedly involved and a custody agreement for the kids has allegedly been agreed to already. If so, that would mean the divorce announcement would be more of a when than an if situation.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to the entire family. Here’s to hoping they either figure out a way to make it work or at least get on the same page enough to be co-parents.

Mack Rawden

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