No! Judge Orders Buckwild Star To Destroy Sex Tape

Those pumped about seeing two reality star hillbillies screw on tape were dealt a devastating blow inside a West Virginia courtroom this week. As part of ongoing legal proceedings between Buckwild cast members/ ex-lovers Shae Bradley and Jessie Johnson, the two appeared in court and argued it out as to whether he should be allowed to release graphic footage and images she sent him while they were together. Apparently, the answer is no.

According to WCHS, Johnson admitted he threatened to “ruin” Bradley’s life by releasing the tape and basically, has held the footage over her since they broke up. Consequently, Judge Tod Kauffman ordered the tape to be destroyed immediately, along with any racy pictures she may have sent him during and/ or after their relationship.

Ever since Buckwild’s premiere, the show and its cast members have been embroiled in a mess of negative headlines and less than flattering controversies. Lately, it seems like the negative stories have been piling up even more. Consequently, it’s nice to see a break actually go the way of decency. Some of us would have liked to see these two get busy on film, but really, if she doesn’t want the tape released, the right thing to do is keep it buried. The only way we should ever get to see quasi-celebrities go at it is if both parties are interested in exploiting themselves for monetary profit.

Johnson claims he already destroyed the tape a few days ago. At this point, there’s no reason to disbelieve him, but if something sketchy winds up happening, we’ll let you know.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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