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Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt has had obvious ramifications for her in the form of a 72 hour 5150 psychiatric hold, but it turns out the fallout might actually extend to her legal guardians as well. The judge who oversaw the custody case has launched an investigation into the fifteen-year-old’s living situation to see whether she’s getting the proper care she needs.

According to TMZ, Judge Beckloff, who is also handling the Wade Robson case, told the court he heard about the suicide attempt and just wants to make sure everything is okay. As such, he’s commissioned an investigator in the probate court to look into and ultimately submit a recommendation as to whether Katherine Jackson and TJ Jackson are capable of effectively sharing custody and providing an environment suitable for the raising of a teenage daughter.

Over the past few years, Jackson’s life has been a mess of stressful situations. After her father died, her surviving family members have feuded on and off, and she’s been paraded in and out of court for a long series of issues involving money and custody. Clearly, all of this weighed on her mind, and considering how hard the teenage years are to begin with, it’s not surprising she found herself extremely depressed.

Here’s to hoping Jackson is able to find more reasons to smile, whether she keeps living with Katherine or finds a different place to crash as per the judge’s recommendation.

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