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Kate Middleton hasn’t had the easiest pregnancy. Between her hospitalization and the suicide of her royal nurse, the reasons for her to be stressed out have been numerous. Luckily, no news when it comes to pregnancies is typically good news, and the buzz around the Duchess has been a lot quieter lately, at least until this report.

According to The Times, Middleton has been thinking a lot lately about having a HypnoBirth. Some of her friends reportedly swear by the method, and she thinks it could really help her relax. Exactly what her HypnoBirth might entail, however, is unclear. Like so many other newer, less scientific medical procedures, there’s no one set HypnoBirth. Generally, though, the process involves listening to some kind of music, actually being hypnotized or using words to envision one is somewhere else in order to try and stay calm during childbirth. Think of it like Yoga. Everything is as relaxed and calm as possible.

On the one hand, as so-called New Age techniques go, this one is far from dangerous. It’s hard to imagine how this could possibly have a negative effect on the overall birth, and it’s hard to fault someone for wanting to be relaxed. On the other hand, however, it kind of seems ridiculous to try and minimize stress and talk about remaining calm during a process that’s inherently very stressful.

What do you think? Does HypnoBirth sound like a good call for Duchess Catherine or do you think it’s nothing more than a dumb trend? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

What Do You Think Of HypnoBirth?

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