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Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries' Divorce Trial Won't Start For Months

Given Kris Humphries’ desire to make his divorce from Kim Kardashian drag out as long as possible, you would think a judge ruling the trial won’t start until May would be a big victory, but actually, the date is a win for his eventually-to-be ex-wife. Humphries was hoping to delay the proceedings even longer until at least the middle of the summer, but the judge got sick of all his excuses and decided to let things move a little faster.

If it was up to Kim, the trial probably would have started on Monday, but according to TMZ, the first chunk of available dates wasn’t until May 6. The proceedings are expected to last around five days, though given all the twists and turns we’ve already seen, it wouldn’t be a shock if it was over in an hour or took an entire month.

E! Online estimates both parties will call between three and five witnesses to testify as to whether the relationship should end in a divorce or be officially stricken from the records with an annulment. If Humphries is able to secure the annulment, that would invalidate the prenuptial agreement and allow him to sue, but as of yet, he hasn’t announced whether he will follow through on such a plan if the judge eventually rules in his favor.

Kim has said all along that she wants to get this matter taken care of by the time she gives birth. If everything progresses at the beginning of May, it’s possible that could happen, but with any more delays, she will have Kanye West’s baby while still legally tethered to Humphries.

Mack Rawden

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