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The New Michael Jackson Allegations Are The Creepiest Ones Ever

Over the past few decades, Michael Jackson has been at the center of more than his share of controversies. Some of them have been utterly bizarre. Some of them have been despicable. And most of them have been downright creepy—like this one, that might be the creepiest thing I have ever heard in my entire life.

James Safechuck, better known as the kid from the Pepsi Commercial with Michael Jackson, went public earlier this year with a series of molestation claims against the late singer’s estate. At the time, the allegations were pretty vague, but thanks to TMZ, they’ve suddenly got a lot more specific. Safechuck claims the pop star systematically abused him from when he was ten-years-old until he reached puberty. He also allegedly invented a series of code words the two would use and lashed out in strange ways after Safechuck admitted he had a crush on MJ’s backup dancer Sheryl Crow.

If Safechuck is to be believed, Michael Jackson called erections “bright light, brick city” and semen “duck butter”. He would allegedly scratch the inside of James’ hand when he wanted sex, and more often than not, he would take him to a special home in Century City to drink pink wine and watch video tapes of children masturbating. Later, when he discovered Safechuck had a crush on Sheryl Crow, Jackson allegedly showed him pictures of her without makeup on to try and change his mind.

Whether or not Safechuck should be believed, however, is a big question mark. The now-36-year-old has testified under oath in the past that he was not abused by Jackson. That, coupled with just how many years the claim has come after the alleged abuse, is more than a little suspicious. That being said, being suspicious is not the same thing as being a lie. So, decide what you will. Michael Jackson is dead and because of the statue of limitations, this likely will never go to trial.

Mack Rawden

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