Mila Kunis is one of those lucky women who can pull off casual clothing as well as she can wear high-end evening wear. No matter what she steps out in, she really does manage to look equally good. With that personal skill combined with being a highly recognizable celebrity, it’s a wonder she hasn’t become “the face” of a fashion label, before. Luckily, that is about to change with a new gig courtesy of Dior.

Kulis will be joining the Dior family as the face of the company’s line of Miss Dior handbags. That could actually cause some catfights, as Marion Cotillard currently serves the role as the Dior handbag queen, reigning supreme as the face of Lady Dior handbags. It may seem strange to keep two people on staff for similar roles, but Cottilard is bound to impress the high end and nearly everyone will recognize Kunis, so advertisers really are getting the best of both worlds with two faces for two very different sets of bags.

Kulis’ tenure at Dior will begin on January 15, where advertisements will roll out in Asian and European editions of several popular magazines, including Elle and Vogue. The advertisements won’t hit the U.S. until a little later, but luckily, if you are itching to see what Kulis will look like, Pop Blend has a sneak peak, below.

According to People, the pictures were shot by Mikael Jansson in New York. Pop Blend can’t wait for these advertisements to roll out in American mags!

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