Minka Kelly Sex Tape Reportedly Being Shopped

Rising star and former Derek Jeter girlfriend Minka Kelly is at the center of a rumored sex tape reportedly making the rounds. The thirty-two-year-old actress supposedly shot the footage more than a decade ago with a then boyfriend while living in New Mexico, but complications to a potential sale have emerged because she might not have been eighteen at the time it was shot. If she is, in fact, underage, the clip would be considered child pornography and any sale, distribution or viewing of it could be met with legal charges.

According to TMZ, Kelly is seen dancing and singing to Brandy’s album Never Say Never during the sex tape, which was released a little less than three weeks before she turned eighteen. Given how quickly pop star albums fall in and out of favor, one would imagine she’s either seventeen or just turned eighteen when the clip was filmed.

Not surprisingly, Kelly, who is rumored to be dating Wilmer Valderrama, hasn’t released a comment on her feelings about the matter. It’s unlikely she will do so if she can successfully block the tape’s release. If it leaks, however, her feelings will definitely be addressed at some point.

It’s unclear who is trying to sell the footage, but if it’s the ex-boyfriend himself, shame on him. Having sex on film might not be the smartest thing a woman can do, but it’s still a betrayal of trust for the dude to try and generate money out of the tape. We’ll keep you updated.

Mack Rawden
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