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Rob Kardashian Is Getting Sued For Assault And Robbery

Back in March, a photographer caught Rob Kardashian without his shirt on, and some kind of confrontation ensued that led to the reality star departing the scene with the sneaky journalist’s camera. Not long after, she made a public issue about wanting Rob to buy her a new memory card, and for awhile, it seemed like he would do that and the controversy would slide into the background. Unfortunately, these two never came to any kind of understanding, and now, the case is headed for the court system.

According to TMZ, the recently identified woman, Andra Vaik, claims in her court papers that she was robbed and assaulted by the Kardashian brother. If she’s to be believed, he went after her for no reason whatsoever and got physical when she at first refused to give him the memory card. If sources close to Rob are to be believed, however, everything is far more complicated than that. He’s apparently prepared to argue Andra hid inside a car in a parking garage on private property. Then, she waited for him to take his shirt off and then jumped out and took the shots, meaning he had every right to react negatively.

Some of the members of the Kardashian family are frequently a little combative, but on the whole, Rob mostly stays out of the headlines, dreaming of going to law school and trying to dance his way into America’s heart. Hopefully, this matter will get settled out of court sooner rather than later and everyone involved can move on without wasting the court’s time.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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