Shia LaBeouf Reportedly Fights With, Threatens Girlfriend In Germany

Over the past several years, few people in Hollywood have generated as many headlines and curious doubletakes as Shia LaBeouf. The child star turned Transformers lead turned eccentric indie darling has seen his personal life overshadow his immense talent, and those disappointing whispers will likely only get louder after he allegedly got into a fight with his girlfriend over the weekend.

Details on what exactly happened are still very fuzzy at this point, but most outlets seem to agree on a few basic facts. Shia LaBeouf was in Germany alongside his girlfriend Mia Goth, who is probably best known for her role in Nymphomaniac: Volume II. While getting out of a taxi, the two allegedly got into some kind of verbal altercation. Words were exchanged, and random bystanders eventually got in between the two, according to Gala.

At some point, the situation allegedly got at least a little bit physical. According to Buzzfeed, LaBeouf tried to leave, but Goth allegedly grabbed his backpack and pulled him back in. At some point, she supposedly ended up with a black eye, though how it happened is unclear, and he headed to the airport with some local residents who later told Bild he said he needed to leave before he killed her.

Because of his start in the industry on Even Stevens and in Transformers, it’s easy to knock Shia LaBeouf and assume he doesn’t have a whole lot to offer, but over the past few years, he’s proven how incredibly capable he is when he fully commits to a role. If he can find the right projects moving forward, he could continue to develop into one of the better actors of his generation. Unfortunately, if all the disappointing personal life headlines continue, he may never get that chance.

Mack Rawden
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