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When Jennifer Lopez first moved on from husband Marc Anthony with the much younger, much less wealthy Casper Smart, most observers thought the relationship would wind up being a relatively brief fling. More than six months later, the two are still together, and until a few weeks ago, seemed to be on great terms. Unfortunately, one moment of either weakness or immaturity may have exposed larger problems.

Shortly before Lopez’s forty-third birthday, Smart was photographed walking into and later back out of a peep show doorway. In the days since, several tabloids have also made gay affair allegations. The couple has responded to the claims by threatening a lawsuit, but according to both E! and People, Lopez was already souring on Smart a bit, and this peep show visit, whether it was a mistake as he’s claimed or a legitimate moment of weakness, certainly hasn’t helped matters. The two are reportedly cooling off their relationship a bit, though they have not officially broken up.

When times get tough, especially more than six months into a relationship, one needs to decide whether to simply break ties and move on or actually fully invest to make it work over the long haul. Exactly what Lopez will do is unclear. The relationship is in her hands. There’s no way Smart is going to dump her, but at forty-three, she can’t really afford to waste years with someone who isn’t a serious longterm possibility.

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