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Snooki On Naked Pictures: They're Real And Personal

A few days back, some rather racy pictures of Snooki began popping up on the Internet. I say rather racy because they’re fully nude shots with censor bars covering the unmentionables. For awhile, no one was quite sure if they were photoshopped or legitimate or even how they wound up on the web for that matters. Thanks to Snooki, we’re finally starting to get some details.

The reality star’s rep admitted to US Weekly that the pictures are the genuine article, but they’re somewhat old, were taken for personal reasons and were apparently leaked by an unknown party for financial gain. Just who the culprit might be is anyone’s guess, but her ex-boyfriend Emilio Masella has already vehemently denied to TMZ that he had any part in showing off some of the reality star’s skin.

Thus far, no uncensored versions of the photographs have emerged. If that winds up holding true over the long haul, the only real embarrassment here is that Snooki must have sent naked shots to someone who couldn’t be trusted. That’s a mistake, but given Snooki’s history, I’m sure the soon-to-be mother won’t lose much sleep over it.

If you’re looking to catch a glimpse at the censor bars themselves, you can hop on over to The Daily Mail. The outlet has copies of all three incriminating pictures, though as noted, don’t expect to glance at too much.

Mack Rawden

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