Vicious Fans Force Brittany Kerr To Shut Down Twitter Page After Cheating Scandal

Former American Idol contestant Brittany Kerr reportedly didn’t have any idea country star Jason Aldean was married when she flirted, danced and swapped spit with the crooner, but that ignorance hasn’t stopped a swarm of pissed off fans from repeatedly informing her she messed up. Immediately after the news first broke, scorned observers headed to her Twitter page and began bombarding her with verbal middle fingers.

According to TMZ, she got the all the typical terms like “slut”, “whore” and “homewrecker”, and eventually, the taunts became so aggressive and frequent she decided to close up shop and cancel her Twitter account. There’s no word on how long she might stay away, but considering people still give LeAnn Rimes shit about her cheating scandal years later, it might be awhile.

The incident in question went down inside a busy bar on the Sunset Strip. Kerr and Aldean allegedly hung out for an extended period of time before he made a move and went in for the kiss. Not long after, the two left separately. He headed for another concert, and assumedly, she went home. The evening probably would have remained their little secret, but someone took photographs of the whole thing. After they were published, he came out and admitted he screwed up.

Just as many people have fired insults at Aldean on Twitter, but since he’s also been getting a steady stream of “we still love you’s”, it has probably been more tolerable. As for how bad the situation is with his wife, I can’t imagine it’s pretty.

Mack Rawden
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