Wu Tang Affiliated Rapper Recovering After Cutting Off His Penis, Jumping Out A Window

Andre Johnson, best known within the industry as a rapper affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan, is in the hospital after a disturbing incident. The musician was reportedly found bleeding beneath a second story window with his penis cut off early this morning, and now, police are trying to put the pieces together to figure out what exactly happened.

According to TMZ, police, at this time, believe the rapper, who goes by the nickname Christ Bearer, cut off his own penis and then jumped from the second story of a building in North Hollywood in a suicide attempt. He allegedly got up and started screaming after he hit the sidewalk. Emergency workers took him to the hospital at around 1 A.M., and he was in critical condition at the time. Right now, he’s being treated at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, but the facility is yet to issue a statement on his condition or whether or not they’re trying to sew his penis back on.

Johnson first achieved success as a member of the Wu-Tang Clan offshoot group, West Coast Killa Beez/ NorthStar. RZA is the one who discovered him, and in the time since, they've worked on a few projects together, beyond the well-regarded NorthStar albums Johnson has worked on.

At this point, it’s unfair to speculate on what may have been going through his mind. Maybe he was upset about a lack of career progress, which would be understandable given how talented he is. Maybe the story that’s gone public so far isn’t actually what happened or is one tiny piece of a larger puzzle. We just don’t know.

Regardless, our sincerest thoughts go out to Johnson, his family and the entire Wu-Tang family during this devastating time. Hopefully, he’s able to make a full recovery.

You can watch Johnson perform in the video below…

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