After Hacksaw Jim Duggan's Emergency Surgery, The WWE Legend Gave Fans A Sad Update

Wrestler Jim Duggan – better known by his ring name of Hacksaw Jim Duggan – gave fans a scare when his wife announced on social media not long ago that he went into emergency surgery with no further explanation. A later update revealed Duggan’s surgery went fine, but today the pro wrestling world was hit with some sad news that the former WWE talent has known for some time. Duggan took to social media today to share the news that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer

Wrestling fans, who may remember Hacksaw Jim Duggan for the 2x4 he carried to the ring and his love of “U.S.A.” chants, shared well wishes for Duggan following his video on Instagram with his wife Debra announcing his cancer diagnosis. In the video, Duggan gave some previously unknown information on what’s going on with his health and what’s next for him in the journey.

Hi folks. You know, Debra and I, we always share the good times with you, but today we got to share some bad times. I’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and I’m having my surgery tomorrow. Actually, it’s been going on for a couple of months now, and Debra and I have been living with it and getting ready. But the reality is here, and I’m going down to Charleston tomorrow to have my cancer surgery. So, folks, I know you’ve been thinking and praying for me about this last surgery. Please think of me this Friday as I go get my cancer surgery down in Charleston. Debra will keep everybody updated, but I want to take a break from social media. So thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, and we’ll see you down the road with the grace of God and the skill of the doctors. Love you.

As mentioned, the prostate cancer diagnosis was something Hacksaw Jim Duggan knew about well before making this social media announcement. This is not the first time the WWE Hall of Famer battled cancer, as he stepped away from professional wrestling in 1998 to deal with kidney cancer. Duggan beat the illness and returned to wrestling in 1999. Duggan received a diagnosis for atrial fibrillation (AFIB) back in 2019, so fans speculated before his reveal that his previous emergency surgery could have been heart-related. 

The positive news here is that Hacksaw Jim Duggan is getting the treatment he needs, and he’s beaten cancer before. All fans can do is continue to send good vibes his way and be on the lookout for updates from his wife, Debra.

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Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s legacy in the WWE is notable, as he’s known as the first Royal Rumble winner in the company’s history. In other organizations, Duggan won the United States Heavyweight Championship during his run in WCW after pinning a young Steve Austin (before he gained the “Stone Cold” persona) and won the WCW World Television Championship one time. The WWE inducted Duggan into its Hall of Fame in 2011. 

CinemaBlend would like to extend its well-wishes to Hacksaw Jim Duggan, his wife, and the rest of his friends and family during his ongoing battle with prostate cancer. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more updates in pro wrestling and other avenues of entertainment.

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