After Netflix Cancels Another Show After One Season, Co-Creator Explains Why He's Not Mad

Some of the amazing animation in The Midnight Gospel.
(Image credit: Netflix)

Even though Netflix has plenty of shows and movies upcoming on its lineup, the streaming service is still swinging the ax on cancellations. The latest victim is freshman adult animated series The Midnight Gospel, but co-creator Duncan Trussell is surprisingly not mad about it.

Duncan Trussell took to Twitter last week to speak out about the cancellation. While the series dropped back in 2020, Trussell confirmed the heartbreaking news that The Midnight Gospel has indeed been cancelled after one season, and fans were appropriately saddened:

In my mind there’s one more season but the sentient glass “deciding” cube they keep in their catacombs vibrated “No more.” And It’s hard to argue with a cube.

Despite the cancellation, Duncan Trussell is still grateful for his time with Netflix. The co-creator spoke out about the news on Twitter, showing no indication of anger, but instead expressing gratitude that Netflix took the chance on him and his team:

PS I’m so lucky that the folks at @netflix rolled the dice and let us make such a strange show. They were supremely supportive all the way through and I’ll love them forever for it.

A show (particularly ones from Netflix) getting cancelled is never easy, especially if it’s only been for one season and everyone on the series hasn’t had enough time to really work on it. Duncan Trussell is as professional as ever, and really only looking on the bright side of things. His relationship with Netflix seems pretty good, so hopefully, this won’t be the last time he creates something for them. 

Even though The Midnight Gospel is among some of the best animated series on Netflix aimed at adults, it couldn’t escape the streamer’s wrath of cancellations. However, with the show having premiered two years ago, at least fans finally have an answer after all this time about whether or not it was coming back. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the news fans were hoping for.

Coincidentally, news of The Midnight Gospel’s cancellation came just before Netflix’s Geeked Week, where the streamer spends the week treating fans to new trailers, images, premiere dates and special events of upcoming originals. If only the animated series was part of that lineup, but it’s better to know now rather than even later.

It will be interesting to see if Duncan Trussell will come out with a new series on Netflix in the future, considering he is in still good standing with the platform. However, according to his website, he seems to be keeping himself busy between hosting a podcast and going on comedy tours. Maybe the next show he creates will include some Midnight Gospel Easter eggs?

The Midnight Gospel centers on a spacecaster exploring existential questions while journeying through trippy worlds inside a universe simulator. The series’ eight episodes are streaming on Netflix if you want to watch for yourself and decide whether or not the streamer made the right decision in cancelling it.

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