Kim Kardashian Is Rocking Another Gravity-Defying Dress (And Seriously How Does It Stay On?)

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It’s been a very rough couple of years for Kim Kardashian in many respects. Not only did she feel the need to file for divorce from Kanye West in early 2021, but once she started to move on in her romantic life with SNL star Pete Davidson, West began a series of public attacks against Kardashian and her new beau. Through all of the ups and downs, The Kardashians (which is part of the 2022 TV schedule) star has continued to give her fans what they want, and served up a number of hot looks. Now Kim Kardashian has rocked yet another gravity-defying dress, and I’m hard pressed to understand how it stayed on.

Kim Kardashian’s Most Recent Gravity-Defying Dress

We all know that Kim Kardashian and many members of her extremely famous family are experts when it comes to keeping things sexy and intriguing on social media, so the mother of four is no stranger to a revealing bikini pic or otherwise eye-popping thirst trap photo. The SKIMS founder has taken to Instagram to post a picture of herself donning another dress that seems to defy gravity, and I think you’ll agree that most women would be nervous to even try this silky number on:

OK, Ms. Kardashian. We see you. I didn’t go through all of the comments on her post, but I’d be surprised if there’s not a Paris Hilton approved “That’s hot” note somewhere in the many responses. 

If you’re staring at the series of pictures Kardashian posted and still wondering how this bra-cup-long-skirt ensemble is staying on her body while she cavorts up against a very fancy wall, I have finally noticed at least one ingredient to that secret sauce. And, it’s one tiny, clear plastic strap that looks to connect Kardashian’s bra cups in the back. I doubt that this is the only factor, though, as celebs who wear revealing outfits have been taping themselves into clothing for many years now. So, there is likely at least a bit of tape involved in her underpinnings, as well.

While four of the five pictures that Kardashian shared are simply super sexy, my favorite is the penultimate one, which shows her making a move that many a woman in a strapless dress has made. Sometimes, even if you’re taped into your dress, you still gotta hoist the boobage up so you don’t show your goodies to the world, alright?

Kardashian recently stepped out to do the red carpet of the premiere for The Kardashians by herself, and not only was her new boyfriend in attendance, but she seems to be interested in going the distance in her romance with Davidson. Her feeling totally at home in barely-there items like this gravity-defying dress might be one reason why Pete Davidson had himself branded with Kim Kardashian’s name, and her fans have always known that she can deliver the sexy whenever she wants. 

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