Another Life's Katee Sackhoff Responds To Netflix Series' Cancellation

Katee Sackhoff in Another Life Netflix
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Katee Sackhoff is an icon in the sci-fi realm on the small screen, and Netflix took the Battlestar Galactica vet back to outer space as star of Another Life. Despite running for two seasons and a total of twenty episodes with Sackhoff at the lead, Another Life has been cancelled by Netflix. The actress wasted no time in responding to the news with a message for fans. 

The cancellation came despite Katee Sackoff encouraging fans to binge-watch when Season 2 released last year, and the season even delivered a reunion of former Battlestar Galactica stars. Sackhoff broke the news on Twitter, and also has some kind words for viewers to soften the blow of no Season 3. 

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Instead of a bitter message that Another Life has become yet another Netflix show to get the ax after just a couple of seasons, Sackhoff thanks the fans who watched her streaming show and the people who made the show happen for two seasons. Her comment of “See you on the next adventure” is at least a reminder that she doesn’t stay away from TV for too long.

Katee Sackhoff posted the same message on Instagram with a screenshot of the tweet, but she also added a caption to express her love for the show and what it means to her that it was cancelled:

Loved this show so much! Loved making it. I’ll miss the Salvare and her crew tremendously

The cancellation is certainly an unpleasant surprise for any fans who had been holding out hope since Season 2 debuted in the fall that it would be renewed for Season 3, but Another Life may have been doomed by its release schedule. The first season premiered all the way back in July of 2019, while the second didn’t begin streaming until mid-October of 2021. 

Of course, plenty of shows were delayed over the past couple of years due to pandemic production complications, and it’s not even the only genre show on Netflix with a long delay after releasing a new season in 2019. Still, if the gap between seasons had been less than over two years, perhaps the buzz would have been a bit stronger for Season 2. 

The official news of the cancellation comes not long after Katee Sackhoff’s Another Life character was a clue in an episode of Jeopardy, to the clear delight of the leading lady. That said, her reaction to the Jeopardy nod may have been a clue that she already knew the end was nigh for Another Life, as she posted about it in the past tense in her Instagram Stories:

It was such a pleasure to be a part of this show

Katee Sackhoff may be done in outer space for Netflix’s Another Life, but now Star Wars fans can at least renew their hopes to see her reprise her role as Bo-Katan Kryze for a future movie or Disney+ TV show. Sackhoff has also had a lot going on in her personal life since 2021, with her marriage and the birth of her adorable daughter. If you’re still sad about the end of Another Life, however, you can always rewatch the first (and now only) two seasons with a Netflix subscription now.

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