Reviews Are In For Kevin Hart And Mark Wahlberg’s New Netflix Movie Me Time, And They Are Brutal

Kevin Hart stands in front of a nude, shouting Mark Wahlberg in Me Time.
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As we near the end of the summer and thus summer movies, Netflix's latest film Me Time hit the streamer today. The buddy comedy follows Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg playing two friends on a wild adventure while Hart’s character is just supposed to be having a relaxing day to himself. 

Shenanigans ensue as the two friends go on this ride. Along with Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg, Regina Hall is also bringing the laughs in this movie. Trailers show the two guys carrying a turtle in matching tracksuits and Wahlberg goes up nude at some point, making for a chaotic time — but critics don't seem all that amused, as the movie is sitting at 8% on Rotten Tomatoes. Oof. 

Starting with the LA Times, Noel Murray explains that Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg play exactly the characters we expect them to play. Murray wrote that the characters are never really given a chance to grow and change because of the underdeveloped plot, causing them to stay in their given archetypes. 

"Me Time" is less of a movie than it is a bulletin board filled with half-thought-out premises for dirty jokes.

The ABC News review is a bit kinder to the movie while still not being overly positive. Peter Travers explains that Kevin Hart has a few standout comedic moments that show off his top-notch improvisational skills that are genuinely hilarious, but it's not quite enough: 

Hart is too good not to get in a few licks. One scene in which he cuddles a lion cub turns hilariously terrifying when mama lion shows her disapproval. But hit-and-miss sight gags do not add up to the rowdy free-for-all that everyone clearly intended.

Over at The Hollywood Reporter, Frank Scheck finds the movie incredibly immature. He said that while both actors have large and affectionate fanbases, affection could be tested by this movie. In short, Scheck really did not like it. 

Middle-aged men acting stupidly has sadly become a cinematic staple in an era marked by the celebration of refusing to grow up as a way of life. Any doubts that the new Netflix comedy starring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg will buck the trend are immediately dispelled in the opening moments featuring daredevil stunts (not performed by the stars, natch) and broad pratfalls that wouldn’t have been out of place in the silent era. Sadly, Me Time doesn’t get any more sophisticated from there.

The headline over at The Guardian explains that this movie is confusing. Giving it two stars, Charles Bramesco explains that while there were some elements that worked, like the set pieces, Kevin Hart’s performance and the tonal confusion are its downfalls. 

The film would be in the general neighborhood of irresistible if not for the wonky mechanics of story and character that convey a conflicted impression of Hart’s onscreen persona.

Lindsey Bahr over at AP News is unimpressed and unconvinced by Me Time. She explains that the unrealistic wealth and stylistic choices in the movie are distracting, and that if the movie had been "consistently fun or funny," these issues would not have been a problem. Overall, she found it frustrating that a movie with so much possibility flopped so hard. 

“Me Time” somehow squanders a solid premise, a stacked cast and a seemingly unlimited budget. It didn’t need to be anything great in this movie comedy drought we seem to be in. But considering who was involved, it really should be better than it is.

In conclusion, the reviews for Me Time are terrible. Maybe spend your me time looking at the upcoming Netflix movie releases to see what you can get excited about instead. Another option is to keep browsing Netflix and watch Mark Wahlberg with Tom Holland in Uncharted or rewatch Entourage, which Kevin Hart revealed he auditioned for

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