Kevin Hart’s Netflix Movie With Mark Wahlberg Was A Record Maker—Just Not The One He Was Likely Hoping For

Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg looking at each other in Me Time
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Kevin Hart has really been putting in the work (as per usual) and just recently marked the release of a new streaming film. His latest flick, Me Time, has been making some serious waves, as it's been trending high on the Netflix Top 10 movies list since it dropped. Amid all of this, the movie (which also stars Mark Wahlberg) just became a record breaker, but probably not in a way that Hart would be excited about.

The idea of seeing Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg in Netflix bromance romp sounds good, but the finished movie ultimately hasn't connected with audiences. In fact, Hart's film listing on Rotten Tomatoes reveals that his latest movie, which has a 7% critic rating, is now his lowest rated film in that regard. The audience score is a little bit better at 30%, but it still indicates relatively poor reception from viewers. In its critical consensus, RT even referred to the move as “desperately unfunny.”

The critical reviews for Me Time were pretty brutal. Reviews from outlets like the LA Times asserted that there was no room for growth for the two lead characters, which is a result of an underdeveloped story. Audiences who took to Rotten Tomatoes also flooded the space with one-star reviews and expressed disappointment that the film couldn't capitalize on its two capable leads' talents.

While audiences and critics may not have enjoyed this buddy comedy, Kevin Hart seemed to enjoy making the movie. Hart liked working with Wahlberg and has referred to him as someone who “cares about their craft.” It's been fun to see the two stars chop it up off screen. For instance, Hart recently chastised his co-star, due to the fact that Wahlberg chose to cast Bow Wow over him in Entourage. But he has no true hard feelings against Wahlberg, who Hart hilariously refuses to work out with.

In the past, the comedian has been open about his Hollywood failures and setbacks, which have arguably driven him as his career has progressed. This latest movie can't exactly be called a failure since it's seemingly drawn quite a bit of attention on Netflix. However, the reception may not have been what the star was hoping for. Given his personality though, it's doubtful that he'll dwell on it and will move forward with delivering more projects to his fans that contain his unique brand of humor.

It'll be interesting to see what Kevin Hart has planned next, regardless of the reactions to his latest project. If you're eager to see what critics and general audiences are talking about, you can grab a Netflix subscription and check out Me Time for yourself right now. Also, be sure to check out the schedule of 2022 movie releases to stay in the know on what's arriving this year.

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