Catherine Zeta-Jones Is Still Giving Morticia Addams After Posting Throwback Video Of Daughter Acting Like Jenna Ortega's Wednesday

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams on Wednesday
(Image credit: Netflix)

To honor her own Wednesday Addams in true Morticia Addams fashion, Catherine Zeta-Jones posted a hilarious throwback video of her “little rain cloud” Carys on Instagram. The actress’ daughter is 19 now, but Zeta-Jones posted a clip of her at a concert singing with other kiddos, and staring at her mom in a way that gives Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday stare a run for its money. 

Carys Zeta Douglas is Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas’ second child. She was born in 2003, and is now 19 years old. Meaning, she had quite the reaction when she saw the video her mom posted (but more on that later), especially considering she has the Wednesday attitude her mom alluded to in the caption: 

Carys, my real daughter as a little girl. 🤣 I have had a Wednesday Addams in my life for 19 years and 9 months.🤣 Morticia and I love you my little rain cloud🖤

As for the video itself, you can see Carys give the Wednesday stare to her mom here:  

Carys then responded to the video, by reposting it on her Instagram story, and she seemed to find it both funny, and slightly embarrassing, as she added a few choice emojis to the post: 

Carys Zeta Douglas reposting Catherine Zeta Jones' video of her signing as a child.

(Image credit: Carys Zeta Douglas Instagram)

Even though Carys didn’t show off any of Wednesday dance moves, she has the stare down. Meanwhile, Zeta-Jones’ continued to prove she was the perfect choice for Morticia Addams, as she expertly used the Addams Family matriarch's vocabulary in the hilarious caption. 

While Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday has many great nods to the classic character, and she has the goth fashion, and death stares down to a T, low-key, I think Carys Zeta Douglas gives her a run for her money. Honestly, if Wednesday gets renewed for Season 2, it would be fun to see Carys make a cameo as a cousin or long-lost older sister, just to pay homage to her mother. 

Even though we don’t know if Wednesday has a Season 2 yet, it stayed in Netflix’s top ten for a while, and was only recently dethroned. Seeing that it went viral for Wednesday’s fashion and dance moves, and caused a lot of reactions online, it feels like a second season will eventually come. However, while we wait Zeta-Jones has another fun project you can check out. 

The Chicago star gave us her own take on a classic character on Wednesday, and now you can see her in the cast of National Treasure: Edge of History over on Disney+. Rather than playing a loving (in her own unique way) mother on Wednesday, in this National Treasure reboot, she plays the main antagonist Billie. 

On top of giving great performances in these new series, Zeta-Jones is also killing the social media game by posting fun throwbacks of her kiddos. While we wait to see what other fun videos the Academy Award-winning actress posts of her kids, you can watch her on Wednesday with a Netflix subscription, and National Treasure: Edge of History with a Disney+ subscription

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