National Treasure: Edge Of History Cast: Where You've Seen The Actors Before

Lisette Olivera on National Treasure: Edge of History
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When it comes to some of the best shows on Disney+, there are plenty you can probably think of, from The Mandalorian (which is getting a Season 3 soon enough) to High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, but there’s a new player in town and its name is National Treasure: Edge of History. The series, which is supposed to be a continuation of the National Treasure film franchise, follows a young woman who is sent on a quest after she is given a clue that might connect a treasure to her late father. 

While Nicolas Cage is not going to be in the series, there are still plenty of other stars in the National Treasure: Edge of History cast, and you might have recognized them. Here is where you’ve seen them before. 

Lisette Olivera on National Treasure: Edge of History

(Image credit: Disney+)

Lisette Olivera (Jess) 

Starting off with the star of the series, we take a look at Lisette Olivera, who plays Jess in National Treasure: Edge of History, our main character, and someone who is sent on this treasure hunt. As an actress, Olivera has appeared in a few things that you might recognize her from, specifically two films called I Always Said After and We Need To Do Something. Olivera has also been in the TV series, Total Eclipse, where she played Belle. 

However, her starring part here as Jess will be her first major role in a TV show, and it’s an exciting one.

Catherine Zeta-Jones in National Treasure: The Edge of History.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones (Billie) 

If you haven’t heard of Catherina Zeta-Jones, you’ve truly been living under a rock, because she has been all over movies and television for many years. While she portrays Billie in National Treasure: Edge of History, one of the main antagonists, Zeta-Jones is no stranger to playing awesome roles such as this.

Most recently, in 2022, fans might recognize her as Morticia Addams from the highly-successful (and bingeable) show on Netflix, Wednesday as part of the Wednesday cast. Morticia Addams is Wednesday’s mother – but Zeta-Jones has been in many other amazing films and series that you might recognize her from. 

Zeta-Jones started off in stage productions, but later moved into big-screen movies. In terms of some of her biggest films, she starred in the critically acclaimed musical, Chicago (which won her an Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role), 1001 Nights, The Mask of Zorro, Entrapment, Traffic, Intolerable Cruelty, Ocean’s Twelve, The Terminal, No Reservations, and so much more. Truly, she has been all over the map. 

But, Zeta-Jones has also had so much success in television, appearing in many other shows besides Wednesday. She had a starring role in Prodigal Son, portrayed Olivia de Havilland in the Ryan Murphy-created show, Feud: Bette and Joan, was in The Darling Buds of May, and in the miniseries The Cinder Path and Titanic. She even portrayed Catherine the Great in a TV movie called Catherine the Great (not to be confused with the TV series, The Great)

So much outstanding work from her – and I love seeing her in these roles, because she rocks it every single time. 

Jake Austin Walker in National Treasure: Edge of History.

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Jake Austin Walker (Liam) 

Moving on, we take a look at Jake Austin Walker, who portrays Liam in National Treasure: Edge of History. In terms of movies, he’s appeared in several, including Burning Palms, No One Lives, The Chaperone, 12 Mighty Orphans and more. 

He also had a pretty big role in the television series, Rectify, and was also in the now-cancelled series, Stargirl. Something else you might have seen him in is a guest role on Fear the Walking Dead, a spinoff of The Walking Dead

Jordan Rodrigues with his co-star in National Treasure: Edge of History.

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Jordan Rodrigues (Ethan) 

Next up on our list is Jordan Rodrigues, who portrays Ethan in National Treasure: Edge of History. Rodrigues has appeared in many movies and television shows prior to his role in the Disney+ series. 

Some of his biggest roles have appeared in movies like the coming of age film, Lady Bird, as well as the movie, Breaking Through. He was also a star of Dance Academy: The Movie, a film that is based on a television show he was also on, simply called Dance Academy. 

He also had roles on shows such as Home and Away, The Fosters, Faking It, Light as a Father, and LA’s Finest.

Zuri Reed in National Treasure: The Edge of History.

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Zuri Reed (Tasha) 

Zuri Reed portrays Tasha, one of the friends who joins Jess on her journey in National Treasure: Edge of History. Reed hasn’t had as much experience yet in the world of movies, with her only credit thus far being in the film Applesauce, but she’s appeared in several TV shows in small and big roles. 

Some of them include the underrated Netflix show, The Get-Down, Law and Order: SVU, The Last O.G., and Flatbush Misdemeanors. So, it’s nice to see her appear in another television show. Hopefully, after this role we’ll be seeing her in a lot more movies. 

Antonio Cipriano in National Treasure: Edge of History.

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Antonio Cipriano (Oren) 

Next up is Antonio Cipriano, who portrays Oren in National Treasure: Edge of History, another friend of Jess’s who goes on the search with her for this supposed treasure. Cipriano, like some of his cast-mates, got his start in theater, appearing in productions such as Jagged Little Pill and the staged production of The Notebook. But he’s also appeared in several television shows. 

These include the HBO Max original, The Sex Lives of College Girls, City On a Hill, and he’s going to be in a new show called Safehaven, so it’s clear he’s breaking into the world of Hollywood. He hasn’t been in any movies yet, but I’m sure you’ll see him pop up in one soon enough. 

Lyndon Smith in National Treasure: Edge of History.

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Lyndon Smith (Agent Ross)

Last but not least, we take a look at Lyndon Smith, who portrays Agent Ross in National Treasure: Edge of History. In terms of movies, Smith has been in a few major roles, including The Forger, Secret in Their Eyes, and Step Sisters, but she’s appeared in far more television shows and kept her talents there. 

She had a recurring role in the series Parenthood, 90210, Extant, The Middle, Sorry for Your Loss, and in one of the best dramedy shows ever, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, among other smaller guest spots. 

With so many fun actors and actresses, National Treasure: Edge of History is looking to be a fun ride. Now, if you don’t mind me, I’m going to go and watch Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago again. She blows me away every time.  

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