Chris Hemsworth Explains Why Extraction 2’s Action Has The Most ‘Exhausting’ Fight Scenes He’s Ever Filmed

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction
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Actor Chris Hemsworth is a wildly bankable star, with countless fans thanks to his tenure playing Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But he’s also leading another franchise: Netflix’s Extraction. Fans are eager to see him reprise his role as Tyler Rake in the upcoming sequel, which is expected to arrive for those with a Netflix subscription sometime in the New Year. And Hemsworth recently explained why Extraction 2’s action included the most “exhausting” fight scenes he’s ever filmed. Considering his filmography, that’s really saying something.

The first Extraction movie hit Netflix back in 2020, and became one of the streaming service’s most wildly successful original film titles. Sam Hargrave’s thriller featured some truly dizzying action sequences, which required Chris Hemsworth to get ripped and constantly be learning new fight choreo while filming other scenes. The actor/producer recently spoke to EW about the upcoming sequel, saying it was “the most detailed and exhausting fight training I've ever been a part of.” He was also quoted about his excitement for the results, saying:

We sort of went for the moon. In a very crowded world of action, I think we did something that's very unique.

Well, that’s certainly intriguing. It’s almost hard to imagine how the action of Extraction’s sequel will be better than its predecessor, which saw Chris Hemsworth’s character fight his way through his mission largely alone. But perhaps that near-death experience from the movie’s finale will inspire him to be even more badass in his next adventure.

It sounds like everyone involved with Extraction 2 tried to push the movie’s action even further, while also creating thrilling sequences that stand out among the myriad others that fans are used to seeing on the small and silver screens. He didn’t reveal exactly what’s in store, but the new setting will no doubt help to bring something new to Tyler Rake’s fight sequences. 

Later in that same interview, Chris Hemsworth compared the work he’s done in the Extraction franchise from his various Marvel fights as Thor Odinson. While the MCU required visual effects, things feel much more visceral and palpable in the Netflix series. As he put it,

There's something so satisfying about that. Not to take anything away from the special-effects-filled sort of Marvel film, but you have a lot of help in post-production there. Obviously, I can't fly, so they help through me that. Whereas in this film, the action is grounded in reality, and so much of it is in camera. So, it's a different energy, and the preparation is a lot more extensive.

That type of camera movement and fast-paced choreography definitely paid off in the first Extraction movie, and is largely why it became so popular on Netflix. There will be high expectations for the sequel, but it certainly sounds like those involved in the movie will be swinging hard to exceed them. Now the question is: when is Extraction 2 finally being released to the public?

Extraction 2 doesn’t currently have a release date, but it’s expected to hit Netflix sometime in 2023. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your trips to the theater in the New Year. It also remains to be seen when Chris Hemsworth will return to the MCU, especially given the twist ending of Thor: Love and Thunder.

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