Cobra Kai's Peyton List Has Me Hoping Season 6 May Finally Squash Sam And Tory's Beef

Cobra Kai Peyton List as Tory
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Cobra Kai is preparing its final season over at Netflix, which means many character arcs will be coming to a close, and hopefully, the show's major feuds will be put to rest, including the major one between Samantha LaRusso and Tory Nichols. Season 5 showed progress in the two's relationship, and now, actress Peyton List's recent comments about the final season have me hopeful they'll finally squash their beef in Season 6. 

Peyton List spoke to about Cobra Kai Season 6, and she shared her insight on where things might be headed for Sam and Tory's relationship. The actress conceded she hasn't seen any scripts yet, but felt certain that things would be different between the characters:

I have no idea where it's going for the next season, but it's definitely gonna be different. I mean, Sam and Tory haven't been in a room and not fought in so long, especially fighting together so I'm really curious [to see] where they're gonna take the storyline.

Tory and Sam had a pretty solid history of heated and physical confrontations, but both temporarily put that aside in Cobra Kai Season 5. While there was still tension between them in the latest season, Tory ultimately helped Sam and the Miyagi-Fangs by gathering enough evidence to show that Terry Silver bribed an official at the All-Valley tournament and framed John Kreese for the beating of Stingray.

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Now that Tory and Sam have worked together toward a common goal, I can definitely see a reality where they will at least become more empathetic toward each other. Becoming friends might be a stretch, as it took a good while for Miguel and Robby, for example, to set aside their differences after Robby hospitalized him. I'm hopeful Season 6 will see them develop a strong bond that effectively squashes their past beef, but I think even with all the progress Tory and Sam have made, that's a big ask. 

Cobra Kai has a lot it needs to do in its final season, and there are many characters who will need some sort of resolution to their stories to please fans. It's possible that not every character will get the attention some fans feel they deserve, especially with the global direction Cobra Kai is seemingly headed in. 

Season 5 ended with Cobra Kai and the Miyagi-Fangs receiving an invite to the Sekai Taikai, an international karate event. We also saw villain John Kreese escape from prison, and one has to imagine that will factor into the final season in some way as well. 

As far as what the future holds after Cobra Kai for its characters, that's still a mystery. There's definitely potential for spinoffs to The Karate Kid series, especially with Tory's story. Whether or not that happens, we'll just have to wait and hope that the final season drops some hints on where the franchise may be headed next.  

Cobra Kai's final season will eventually be available to those with a Netflix subscription, though we don't have a release date just yet. Hopefully, once production begins and we get some footage of the characters in their final adventure, we'll be able to figure out if Tory and Sam can get past their differences and work together. Peyton List seems to be curious about it, and so am I.  

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