Cobra Kai Season 6: What We Know About The Next Installment Of The Netflix Series

Cobra Kai for life! 

Or at least for one more season. 

That’s right, Cobra Kai Season 6 is officially happening. After the eventful Season 5 finale and plenty of questions that came right after, Cobra Kai took its time announcing that it was renewed for Season 6. But thankfully, in January 2023, it was finally confirmed that Season 6 of the hit Netflix series is coming, and it’s going to be a big one. 

Here is what we know so far about the upcoming sixth season of Cobra Kai. 

Cobra Kai Season 6 Will Be The Last Season But No Premiere Date Has Been Set

Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso in Cobra Kai dojo

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If you were wondering when Cobra Kai Season 6 might be the last season, you would be right. According to Deadline, it’s been confirmed that the upcoming season of the popular Netflix series is going to be its last. While this is unfortunate news, it honestly makes sense, as the kids of the Cobra Kai cast are starting to grow up and most likely aren’t going to be constantly fighting all the time. 

However, what we’re not sure about is when Season 6 of Cobra Kai is going to come out. While we can hope that it will be part of the 2023 TV release schedule, nothing has been set in stone yet. Most of the time, a new season has come out every year since 2018, when the show premiered originally on YouTube Red.  

Several Cast Members Are Excited For The Season 6 Renewal

Johnny Lawrence on Cobra Kai on Netflix

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It would be pretty surprising if the last season of Cobra Kai didn’t come back with the main cast, but since Season 6 was only just announced, we’re not sure who is officially confirmed to be coming back. But what we can say is that many of the cast members are very excited for the new season. 

One of the stars, Ralph Macchio, who plays Daniel LaRusso, was quick to retweet the announcement of Season 6 on Twitter, sharing his excitement. 

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William Zabka, who portrays Johnny Lawrence, also shared his excitement via Twitter, saying that it was time to “finish the fight” in the last season of the show. 

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All of the stars of the show have truly taken off in their own regard.  Xolo Maridueña, who plays Miguel in Cobra Kai, has been making strides starring in the upcoming DC movie, Blue Beetle, and Tanner Buchanan, who plays Johnny’s son, Robby, has appeared in other movies and shows such as He’s All That and Deputy. 

This doesn’t even include all the other great actors such as Peyton List, Mary Mouser and so many more. This is just a few of the things they’ve been up to, so it’ll be exciting to hopefully see them come back to Season 6 of the show before continuing to be amazing actors and actresses on their own. 

Thomas Ian Griffith Says Cobra Kai Will Have To “Rise From The Ashes” After Season Five Finale

Terry and Daniel fighting in Cobra Kai.

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From those who remember that tense standoff in the last episode of Cobra Kai Season 5, Cobra Kai is pretty much done for right now, as Terry Silver has been taken off by the police. Now, the actor behind Terry Silver, Thomas Ian Griffith, spoke to Entertainment Tonight, saying that if Cobra Kai wanted to rise again, it would have to “rise from the ashes” in order to do so. 

It will have to rise from the ashes…I don’t know if Terry’s in that world or what happens to it.

From that, it sounds like Griffith believes that his time as Terry has come to an end, as he thanked the creators for the arc that Terry had and that it was an “incredible ride.” 

This might be the end of Terry as we know it – and honestly, after what he did to Chozen, I’m fine with that. 

Kreese Might Be Coming Back As The Main Villain

Kreese about to hit Daniel in Cobra Kai.

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However, if Terry might be taken in by the police at this point, that still begs the question – what about Kreese? The man who escaped prison at the very end of Season 5 of Cobra Kai? The creators of the show teased that Kreese could play a major part in the final season – possibly as a villain again. 

In an interview with Variety after Season 5, the creators of the show were asked what Kreese’s future was, and if he was going to play the villain once more in a possible Season 6 of the show before the series was renewed. Hayden Schlossberg said that Kreese might have “something to say” after the fall of Cobra Kai, since so many other characters felt complete at the end of Season 5.  

We liked the idea that for a lot of the characters it feels like, “We did it. It’s over. Cobra Kai is done.” Meanwhile, there’s the ultimate Cobra Kai snake out there that is really pissed off at everybody right now. We’ll see if life goes on easy in Season 6, or if Kreese has something to say. Something tells me that it’s going to be the latter.

By the sound of that, I have a feeling that Season 6 could be intense.

Production Is Going To Begin In Late Spring

Sam and Miguel in Cobra Kai.

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According to the Deadline article above regarding the announcement of Season 6 of Cobra Kai, it’s been reported that production for the show is set to begin sometime in the spring of 2023, specifically late spring. 

That means that we could get the release later this year, maybe around Christmas time, but these are all just hopeful theories in my mind so I don’t have to be as patient. 

The Creators Promise That This Is Going To Be The “Biggest Season Yet!”

Chozen and Daniel in Cobra Kai

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If you thought that Season 5 of Cobra Kai was crazy, you aren’t ready for Season 6. The creators of the show confirmed with the renewal in a letter they posted to their Twitter page that Season 6 was going to be their “biggest season of Cobra Kai yet.”

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Prior to Season 6 even getting announced, the creators of Cobra Kai spoke to Collider in September 2022, and Josh Heald said that they still had a “few tricks up their sleeves” and that there was more story to tell, saying it would only get bigger like previous seasons. 

We have a few more tricks up our sleeve for where we go from here, but it does get bigger every year. And we're trying at all times to make sure we're not plagiarizing ourselves at this point. You know, we've had tournament fights, we've had all-out, you know, riots. We've had fights on multiple platforms and places in terms of… Season 3 had multiple fights going on within one episode. [Season 5] is probably the most wall-to-wall fighting we've had in a finale. And we wanted to make sure we were containing that, you know, once again, with these moments that you really feel… you want to feel every one-on-one, every two-on-one, every 10-on-10. It's always conducting the orchestra and feeling, when do the cannons go off, and it's full Tchaikovsky, fireworks, and when it’s an oboe solo.

This just makes me even more excited. Bring on the kick-butt fights! 

While Season 6 of Cobra Kai is still far away at the time of writing this in January 2023, I hope that time goes by quickly so we can see this show conclude amazingly like it needs to. And until then, I’ll just re-watch all the Karate Kid movies.  

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