Echoes Cast: Where You’ve Seen The Actors From The Netflix Limited Series Before

Michelle Monaghan on Echoes
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There’s no way of getting around it — we are currently in a banner year when it comes to the 2022 Netflix TV schedule and its slate of original shows. If you look at the Netflix Top 10 on any given day, there will be new arrivals or perennial favorites released by the streaming service sitting atop the list, with other originals usually following not far behind. On Friday, August 19, another show was added to the collection, this time a seven-episode limited series by the name of Echoes.

Anchored by Michelle Monaghan’s dual performance as twins who have long lived a double-life before one goes missing, the Echoes cast is great from top to bottom with some familiar faces and great character actors. If you have watched, or are planning on watching, the psychological thriller series and want to know where you’ve seen the actors before, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s break down the cast and get to the bottom of at least one mystery…

Michelle Monaghan on Echoes

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Michelle Monaghan (Leni And Gina) 

Taking on the role of not one, but two characters on Echoes is Michelle Monaghan, who portrays author Gina and horse trainer Leni, whose disappearance is at the center of the limited series’ sprawling narrative.

No stranger when it comes to emotionally and physically-demanding roles, Monaghan has appeared in gripping drama series like True Detective Season 1, the Hulu original, The Path, and Messiah, which premiered on Netflix in 2020. Monaghan is also known for her big-screen work, which includes everything from amazing action movies like Mission Impossible III and her reprising her role in Mission: Impossible - Fallout, black comedies like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and a few dozen other titles of note.

Matt Bomer on Echoes

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Matt Bomer (Jack Beck) 

Matt Bomer shows up in the Echoes cast as Jack Beck, Leni’s husband whose life is thrown into disarray when his wife mysteriously disappears and becomes the talk of town.

Bomer received a Golden Globe Award in 2015 for his moving performance in the HBO original movie, The Normal Heart, in which he appeared alongside Mark Ruffalo. Over the years, Bomer has also appeared in movies like Magic Mike and its 2015 sequel, The Boys in the Band (reprising his role from the original stage production), and multiple others. His TV work includes everything from high-profile roles on shows like Doom Patrol and White Color to soap operas like All My Children and Guiding Light, and just about everything in between. He has also been a part of several seasons of American Horror Story, last appearing on the American Horror Stories cast in 2021.

Daniel Sunjata in The Dark Knight Rises

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Daniel Sunjata (Charlie Davenport) 

Daniel Sunjata, who is no stranger to the small screen, shows up in the Echoes cast as Charlie Davenport, Gina’s husband back home in California.

A fixture of the Rescue Me cast throughout its entire seven-season run, Sunjata has also spent a lot of his career on shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Grey’s Anatomy, Manifest, Power Book II: Ghost, and even Sex and the City. But, Sunjata has also had success on the silver screen, appearing in the Devil Wears Prada cast, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and was even briefly seen in The Dark Knight Rises.

Ali Stroker on Echoes

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Ali Stroker (Claudia) 

Joining the Echoes cast as Leni and Gina’s tough-as-nails older sister is Ali Stroker, who Netflix subscribers might recognize from her work as Charles-Ann on the final chapter of Ozark.

Outside of the realm of emotionally-taxing Netflix shows, Stroker has also appeared on series like The Glee Project, Faking It, Charmed, Blue Bloods, Only Murders in the Building, and And Just Like That…. Stroker also won a Tony Award in 2019 for her celebrated performance in Oklahoma!, a role that also earned her a Drama Desk Award.

Karen Robinson on Echoes

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Karen Robinson (Sheriff Louise Floss) 

Taking on the role of Sheriff Louise Floss in the Echoes cast, a tenacious investigator who looks into Leni and Gina’s past in an attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery at hand, is Karen Robinson.

Fans of the Schitt’s Creek cast will certainly remember Robinson as Veronica “Ronnie” Lee in the show’s large ensemble for its entire run. But, Robinson’s body of work doesn’t stop there. Over the years, Robinson has appeared on shows like A Million Little Things, Morning Show Mysteries, Forgive Me, and multiple others. Her film work includes Against the Ropes, Who Killed Atlanta’s Children, Silent War, and Defund to name just a few. On stage, Robinson has given numerous commanding and decorated performances in everything from Riot to Angélique and Doubt to Da KINK in My Hair. 

Michael O’Neill and Michelle Monaghan on Echoes

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Michael O’Neill (Victor) 

Michael O’Neill shows up in the Echoes cast as Leni and Gina’s father, Victor, who brings with him decades of experience on the small screen.

Throughout his prolific TV career, O’Neill has given outstanding performances on shows like The West Wing, 24, Boston Public, This Is Us, and Jack Ryan, on which he played the power-hungry Senator Mitchell Chapin during the show’s second season. His film work is just as impressive, with roles in movies like Traffic, Seabiscuit, Dallas Buyers Club, and a couple dozen others.

Jonathan Tucker on Westworld

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Jonathan Tucker (Dylan James) 

Rounding out the main portion of the Echoes cast is Jonathan Tucker, who shows up on the new Netflix show as Gina's high school boyfriend, Dylan James.

Tucker has done a little bit of everything since he made his professional acting debut in the 1994 spaghetti western, Troublemakers. This includes moves like Sleepers, The Virgin Suicides, In The Valley of Elah, The Next Three Days, and the 2019 Charlie’s Angels reboot. His TV work includes shows like The Black Donnellys, Kingdom, American Gods, Justified, Snowfall, and Westworld.

Well, hopefully all this helps you make sense of the Echoes cast and where you’ve seen the individual actors in the past. However, this is just a small portion of the cast, as there are multiple other actors who appear on the seven-episode limited series. If you have already finished the psychological thriller and want to know what other shows coming down the road, check out our 2022 TV schedule so you don’t miss a thing.

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