Fans Are Really Happy About That ‘90s Show’s Major Relationship Swap, But Mila Kunis Doesn’t Agree

Some minor spoilers for Netflix’s That ‘90s Show can be found throughout this article. Minor though. 

By now, whether or not you’ve actually sat down to watch Netflix’s popular That ‘90s Show spinoff, you probably have already heard the series did the ‘ol relationship switcheroo. At the end of That ‘70s Show Jackie and Fez had been a thing, but by the time the new episodes pick up, Jackie is back with Kelso and they have a kid together. Most fans seem to love this. Mila Kunis is not most fans.

How That ‘70s Show Fans Feel About That ‘90s Show’s Twist 

As fans caught up with That‘ 90s Show one of the major topics of conversations online had to do with not loving the way Jackie and Fez had ended up in the original series. On the other hand, the new version seemingly fixes that twist.

Another fan noted Jackie was already seemingly close to leaving Fez (and was definitely thinking about Kelso) toward the end of the show. This scene is running around again hinting at this outcome, with Jackie and Kelso exchanging a quick smile. 

People are also loving the kid the new series hired to play Michael and Jackie’s offspring. I mean, he really does look like a solid mix of the two of them, and kudos to the casting and styling teams.

While there’s a lot of love for the returns of Jackie, Kelso and other members of the gang, some former fans are feeling like we need way more backstory! 

Jackie and Kelso in That '90s Show, played by Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher.

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How Mila Kunis Feels About The Changes That '90s Show Made

While Fez does appear in Season 1 of That 90s Show, he’s not there as Jackie’s love interest. There’s one person who doesn’t think  that’s fair:  Jackie herself. While her real-life partner Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis herself were pumped to return and film the spinoff, the storyline was maybe not what she would have expected. Kunis, in fact, called “bs” on the entire situation on Netflix, telling Access Hollywood

My husband and I are together in [in the Netflix series], which is weird ‘cuz we shouldn't have been. You know what, I called BS. I was like, 'My character would be with Fez'. I think that I ended up with Wilmer's character. And I was like, 'Why are you and I together?'

The fans hearts want what the fans hearts want. Honestly, though, the issues with what has transpired on the Netflix show do extend further than just Kunis' personal feelings. Her feelings don't stem solely from Jackie dating Fez at the end of the series. There is also the entire Kelso plotline that was a main component of the original series toward its end. Kelso married and had a baby with a character named Brooke in the latter part of the series. 

That ‘90s Show doesn’t even mention their daughter Betsy (another facet fans have commented on), particularly given the young kids in the new series would be around the same age. Or as Mila Kunis rightly noted: 

And also, he was married when '70s ended, to Shannon Elizabeth's character, I think. Now we're like 20 years – no, 16 years later, whatever it is – and now we're married with a kid. And I was like, 'I don't know about this one.

The timeline is a little suspect, but hopefully the show will get the opportunity to explore what happened further if That '90s Show gets a Season 2. (I'm certainly interested to learn more given some of the ideas That '90s Show creators have bandied about.) Besides, the world always feels like it's in its natural order when Red's out there, threatening his foot in peoples' asses.  

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