Former Supernatural Boss On Similarities Between His Netflix Show Resident Evil And The Winchester Brothers' Tale

Jade Wesker covered in blood in Resident Evil
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Supernatural kept running on The CW for a whopping 15 seasons, with the strong bond between brothers Sam and Dean Winchester at the heart of it all. As the two battled monsters, demons, angels, and occasionally each other, they kept the show going for the better part of two decades. Former Supernatural boss Andrew Dabb now serves as showrunner on Netflix's new Resident Evil series. As it turns out, both series are quite similar in one department: a strong sibling bond. 

Netflix’s Resident Evil follows the twin daughters of scientist Albert Wesker, and just like Supernatural, it digs deep into their sibling dynamic. Andrew Dabb spoke to TVLine about the similarities between the shows, and how the Wesker twins and Winchester brothers are alike:

When you have an older sibling/younger sibling, one of them is kind of a surrogate parent. With twins, you’re on equal footing. The power struggle is even more dynamic because one day it’s the one twin, and one day it’s the other twin, but age doesn’t really factor into it.. . . They’re both going through these very traumatic events together.

On Supernatural, fans will remember that there was always a back and forth between Sam and Dean about who would save whom. Dean always felt responsible for Sam since he was the big brother, while at the same time, Sam felt the need to do the same for Dean. It sounds like on Resident Evil, the dynamic will be a tad different since they are twins, but the twins will evidently have their share of traumatic events, like the Winchesters did.

As for how long Resident Evil will last compared to the 15 seasons of Supernatural, Andrew Dabb has a fun idea for how many seasons the new Netflix show should get:

My last show went 15 seasons, so I think this one should go at least 16.

What's the harm in dreaming big? Maybe Andrew Dabb will get his 16 seasons of Resident Evil! More seriously, it's probably safe to say that the new show isn't going to hit 300+ episodes like Supernatural did no matter how many seasons it gets, with the first Resident Evil season running for eight episodes. Netflix also doesn't have a reputation for long-running series, especially following the many cancellations in the last few months alone.

Just like Supernatural and much of the Resident Evil universe, the new Netflix series will include plenty of thrills, monsters, blood, and mayhem. The trailer that released in June included some Easter eggs from the beloved video game, and also brought tons of action. The horror series opens a new chapter in the Resident Evil franchise, with the show more closely following the game and remaining separate from the film franchise.

Despite Supernatural ending almost two years ago, the legacy of Sam and Dean is still going strong with fans, and the upcoming prequel series will delve into their parents' love story. The Winchesters will debut on The CW in the fall. Fortunately, the wait is already over for the eight episodes of Resident Evil Season 1. It is available streaming now with a Netflix subscription!

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