Glass Onion’s Rian Johnson On How He Currently Feels About Doing The Third Knives Out Movie

Daniel Craig in Glass Onion
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Rian Johnson is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand directors in Hollywood. His film, Knives Out was a major surprise success, and early reviews for Glass Onion are just as stellar. Everybody seems to love the mystery film franchise, and the incredible casts the films assemble. Previously, Johnson struck a deal with Netflix to make more additions in the Knives Out film series, with Daniel Craig attached to reprise his role. Now as we draw closer to Glass Onion’s Netflix debut, the Last Jedi director is revealing how he really feels about doing a third Knives Out film. 

In a recent interview with Deadline, the Glass Onion cast, along with Johnson, revealed teaser details about the upcoming film, as well as gave fans a sneak peak insight into what Knives Out 3 may have in store for audiences. Johnson also gave insight into his own thought and creative process, as well as his dedication to the Knives Out franchise. He detailed:

It’s interesting. We structured the [Netflix deal] so that if I wanted to do something else next, I could. And I think everybody assumed I’d have a couple other random ideas — unrelated projects — that I’ve been kicking around. But, honestly, over the past couple of months, the most exciting creative thing to me right now is that third movie. And so, I think I’m going to hop right into it. Not because of a contractual obligation, but, genuinely, that’s the shiny object I find my nose pointed toward right now. [It’s] the idea of figuring out how it can be completely different from this one as well as the first one.)

Well, it looks like fans may be getting a Knives Out film quicker than we originally thought. Johnson clearly loves the franchise and working through all the intricate mysteries with some fascinatingly quirky characters. Daniel Craig also seems to be having a blast making these films, and doing something so different from James Bond

Johnson was originally attached to direct another Star Wars film outside of the core Skywalker Saga that concluded in 2019, but apparently he is having so much fun working on Knives Out that the Star Wars project has been put on the back burner. While fans had some problems with The Last Jedi, the film was critically acclaimed and a box office success, so there's definitely still support for Johnson to return to the Star Wars universe. However, Johnson fans still seem to have a lot to look forward to as he looks towards another star-studded mystery epic.

The latest Knives Out film, Glass Onion, takes place on a private island owned by a tech billionaire, Miles Bron. Bron invites his friends to the island for a murder mystery party, which becomes suspicious when someone associated with the party turns up dead. The film had a successful Thanksgiving week theatrical release, indicating that the Netflix release will be advantageous for the streaming platform. The demand for more films in the franchise seems higher than ever, so it's a good thing Johnson has an interest in satisfying the fanbase. 

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery will be available with a Netflix subscription on December 23, so make sure to check it out. The upcoming mystery is just one of many incredible projects coming to the streamer this year, so make sure to check out our Netflix movie release schedule for more information about exciting new films on the platform. 

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