11 Great Movies Like Encanto: What To Watch If You Like The Disney Movie

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Encanto is one of the latest Disney movies to quickly become a fan favorite among families and animated Disney movie fans. Encanto tells the story of 15-year-old Mirabel Madrigal (Stephanie Beatriz) and her family. Mirabel is the only member of her family that doesn’t have a special power, and that may make her just what they need to save the day. The film has become a major hit, especially since it premiered on Disney+

If you’re like many Encanto fans, you’ve already watched this Disney movie 400 times, and now you may want some suggestions of other Disney movies, animated flicks, and live action films that share characteristics with Encanto. It is a unique family saga with excellent music, so let’s explore some other family friendly films like Encanto.

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Raya And The Last Dragon (2021)

Raya and the Last Dragon is a Disney movie that follows Raya (Kelly Marie Tran) as she seeks a dragon named Sisu (Awkwafina) and pieces of a magic pendant, to restore order and save everyone from turning into stone. Encanto and Raya and the Last Dragon share many similarities. Both stories explore what happens when a young girl may be the key to her family’s survival. Raya and the Last Dragon and Encanto both have magical elements and showcase cultures not typically shown in animation here.

Raya and the Last Dragon may not be everyone’s favorite Disney movie but its heroine has just as much heart as Mirabel, and that’s what makes them both compelling to watch. 

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Moana (2016)

The ocean picks Moana (Auli’i Cravalho) to find Maui (Dwayne Johnson) to restore the heart of Te Fiti. Maui and Moana set off on an adventure that brings them into contact with many obstacles and sea creatures. Moana and Encanto have similar tones, animation styles, and both feature music by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Moana and Encanto are also non-Princess origin stories about young girls who prove to their family that they can become the heroes through will, determination, and belief in themselves and their abilities. To me, Moana and Mirabel would be the best of friends if they existed in the same universe. 

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Mulan (1998)

Mulan is an animated film from one of the peak times of animated Disney movies. It's based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, and sees Mulan (Ming-Na Wen) join the Imperial Chinese Army to protect her father and family. This is one of the best movies on Disney+ because it’s a classic that kind of created the foundation for other Disney movies about unconventional, brave, and smart Disney heroines.

Characters like Mirabel are kindred successors to characters like Mulan. These young women love and respect their family so much that they’re willing to make major sacrifices in order to keep them safe. They also show Disney heroines can be feminine without necessarily having to be extremely girly, but these characters also don't criticize or degrade other very girly characters. They just know that they’re not that type of girl.

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Coco (2017)

Coco follows 12-year old Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez). After he seeks out the mausoleum of someone he believes is his great great grandfather, he ends up in the Land of the Dead. He then searches for his relative while exploring his musical passion. Coco’s cast also includes Gael Garcia Bernal, Benjamin Bratt, and Alanna Ubach.

Coco is one of Disney and Pixar’s best films because it’s generally a good story and highlights Mexican culture, which often isn’t shown in Disney animated flicks. Coco and Encanto share a similar spirit and focus on two different hispanic cultures. They also both have an emphasis on culture, traditions, family, and heritage.

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Wolfwalkers (2020)

Wolfwalkers is an animated film about a legend of people who can transform into wolves. It mainly focuses on Robyn (Honor Kneafsey), a young girl who hopes to become a wolf hunter like her father, then she meets a young wolfwalker (Eva Whittaker) and her perspective starts to change. The Wolfwalkers cast also includes Sean Bean, Simon McBurney, and Maria Doyle Kennedy. 

Wolfwalkers and Encanto are both stories about legends and people with extraordinary abilities. These magical people are also a pack or family of some sort. I believe that people who enjoy Encanto for the magical elements and idea of legends and curses will also enjoy Wolfwalkers. 

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Vivo (2021)

Vivo follows a magical kinkajou named Vivo (Lin-Manuel Miranda) from Havana, Cuba as he travels to Florida to help deliver a song to the true love of an old friend. He teams up with Gabi (Ynairaly Simo), the niece of his friend. Vivo’s voice cast also includes Zoe Saldana, Brian Tyree Henry, Juan de Marcos, Nicole Byer, and Gloria Estefan.

Vivo is another heartwarming animated film with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s music. Gabi and Mirabel are almost opposite characters. Mirabel is a little ashamed of being different from her family, while Gabi loves that she’s odd and weird. However, both girls would agree that they try their best to help their families.

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Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

Kiki’s Delivery Service is a Studio Ghibli film that follows a young witch in training as she moves out on her own and runs a delivery service out of a bakery. The film is considered one of the best Studio Ghibli movies for many reasons, one of them being how easy it is to relate to Kiki's (dubbed in English by Kirsten Dunst) story of the trials and tribulations of growing up. 

Encanto and Kiki’s Delivery Service deal with what happens when you have to take charge of your own destiny. They both show the difficulties and growth that come from becoming the most active force in determining whether you fail or succeed. It also explores the anxiety one feels if they don’t meet expectations.

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Onward (2020)

Onward is a Pixar and Disney movie about two brothers who go on a quest in order to see their deceased father one more time. The brothers exist in a world where mythical creatures live in semi-harmony, including elves, unicorns, and pixies. Onward’s voice cast features Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Octavia Spencer.

Onward and Encanto showcase the importance of familial bonds and how it pushes people to new heights in order to protect them, reunite them, or make them happy. It's more about the bonds between siblings, whereas Encanto’s main siblings are at odds, but them starting to understand each other kind of helps Encanto reach its resolution.

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The Willoughbys (2020)

The Willoughbys follows a group of siblings who try to find new parents. Their current ones are neglectful, selfish and self-centered. They really love each other, but not their children. The Willoughbys cast stars Will Forte, Maya Rudolph, Alessia Cara, Terry Crews, Martin Short, Jane Krakowski, Sean Cullen, and Ricky Gervais.

None of the Madrigal family are as terrible as the Willoughbys' parents, but both films show that sometimes families can be harmful, especially in how they treat each other. The Madrigals learn from their mistakes and begin to grow and build a stronger foundation because of it. The Willoughbys' children rely on each other for comfort and love. 

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Anthony Ramos and Melissa Barrera in In The Heights

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In The Heights (2021)

In The Heights is based on the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical of the same name. It follows residents of the Washington Heights neighborhood in New York City. Usnavi (Anthony Ramos) is the narrator and main character, who dreams of leaving the Heights and returning to the Dominican Republic to revive his late father’s business.

The Madrigals are the main focus of Encanto but the community's love and respect for the family also plays a major role. At one point, the community comes together to help the Madrigals. Both In the Heights and Encanto put a major emphasis on the importance of community and that no one can do anything completely alone. Usnavi and Mirabel are also both major dreamers. Usnavi with his fantasies about returning to the Dominican Republic, and Mirabel about her hopes of saving her family and finally finding her place within that group and feeling special.

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Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byre in Instant Famiily

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Instant Family (2018)

Instant Family is the story of a couple who decide to foster a teen girl, and then find out that she has two younger siblings, so they foster all three. The main focus of the film is how these parents and children learn to be a family, and is based on a real life adoption story. Instant Family stars Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne, Isabela Merced, Gustavo Quiroz, and Julianna Gamiz.

Instant Family is extremely heartwarming, which makes it a good movie to pair with Encanto. Both explore topics of what makes a family work, and what happens when a family is kind of broken and needs repairing. These films explore how families can work together to overcome any obstacle.

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The Encanto reactions prove that Disney has another hit animated film. It’s the right blend of heartwarming, exciting, unique, and charming. And, of course, it has great songs. Admit it, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is still in your head. Encanto is a great animated movie and now that you’ve watched it so many times, you can finally check out some other movies on this list. 

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