How Ted Lasso's Jason Sudeikis Is Allegedly Holding Up Production On Season 3

After being a dominant name on the list of 2022 Emmy winners for the second year in a row, many have started to wonder when Season 3 of Ted Lasso, one of Apple TV’s best shows, will return. It’s now being said that the upcoming season has been delayed because its star, Jason Sudeikis, is allegedly holding up production.

It’s normal for shows, especially highly popular prestige shows, to get delayed. Case and point: we all remember waiting for what felt like eons for the final season of Game of Thrones. If a report from Puck is to be believed, the new season of Ted Lasso is being held back by Sudeikis, because he allegedly wants everything to be perfect. This topic came up after the actor gave his Emmy speech on Monday. While accepting the award for Outstanding Comedy Series, he said that the new season would arrive at "some point." You can see it in its entirety down below:

While that comment was likely made in jest, it still represents a level of uncertainty for the show. Puck even quoted an exec who joked about the statement:

You never want to hear ‘at some point.'

One can't help but remain curious. But I would assume that when you're dealing with the biggest show on a given platform, you give the creatives the time they need to make the show they want to make (see Stranger Things Season 4 as another example of long delays.) 

According to the report, Season 3 marks the first time that Jason Sudeikis is fully in charge of the show, alongside co-creators Brendan Hunt and Joe Kelly. They started writing the new season a year ago, and production began earlier this year. Rebecca Welton actress Hannah Waddingham, said they were set to start filming on Valentine’s Day. The article also mentioned that according to many sources, Sudeikis made the call that there were scripts that needed a “significant rewrite.” Ultimately, filming began in March. 

Following the alleged rewrites, location shoots outside of London and unexpected delays, the show is supposed to allegedly wrap in November and then air its new season either this winter or early spring. This happens to lots of shows, especially those that cost a lot to make and are watched by millions. For example, the article notes that a similar thing happened to Amazon's The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. 

These alleged delays from Jason Sudeikis also could be plausible because the upcoming season could be the show’s final season and he maybe wants to go out on a high note. Brett Goldstein has said Season 3 is being written as if it’s the end, and I think we can trust the Emmy-winning actor behind Roy Kent because he is also a writer on the show. Hannah Waddingham has also spoken about the end saying Sudeikis has explained there is a clear beginning, middle, and end to the story. Regardless of whether the third season is the last, let's just hope the new episodes get here sooner rather than later.

While you wait for Season 3, you can use an Apple TV+ subscription to watch (or rewatch) Seasons 1 and 2 of the wildly popular comedy. 

Riley Utley
Weekend Editor

Riley Utley is a Weekend Editor and resident Swiftie at CinemaBlend. She also adores (and writes about) Ted Lasso, rom-coms and whatever streaming series is gracing our screens.