Ted Lasso’s Hannah Waddingham Shares Thoughts On Jason Sudeikis Possibly Ending The Show After Season 3

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I don’t think anyone who heard about the Apple TV+ comedy, Ted Lasso, prior to its arrival would have had very high hopes for the show, seeing as how it was built around a character star Jason Sudeikis helped create for a series of commercials. But, when it premiered in 2020, it turned out that Ted Lasso was just the thing many of us needed, with the series becoming a solid hit and launching many of its stars to fame. The original plan was to have it wrap with Season 3, and star Hannah Waddingham has opened up about her thoughts on Sudeikis possible ending the show so soon.

What Does Hannah Waddingham Think About Jason Sudeikis Ending Ted Lasso After Season 3?

There’s no doubt that Ted Lasso has been a delightful bright spot over the past two seasons, with both airing in what could gently be called years filled with a lot of hot-ass mess. The next season is all set to begin filming in early March (after being pushed back a bit from a Valentine’s Day start), but Ted Lasso Season 3 has always been billed as the last set of adventures for the American football coach who took on the task of managing a Premier League soccer (a.k.a. “football” to the rest of the world) team in England.

In a chat with Entertainment Tonight recently, star Hannah Waddingham (who plays the formerly-vengeful-now-totally-surpportive AFC Richmond owner, Rebecca Welton) was asked whether or not we might actually be treated to more seasons. Waddingham agreed that she’d like to see more Ted Lasso also, but added about Jason Sudeikis and his plan to end with Season 3: 

He has always said that there is a beginning, a middle and an end, which is why he was very specific about telling everyone that [Season 2] was the middle, ‘Empire Strikes Back’ kind of vibe…If I were Apple and Warner Bros., I'd be leaning on him like a lunatic and putting him in a corner in a little cage and giving him a notebook and a pen...It's too beautiful.

Even though Sudeikis has said he doesn’t want fans to worry about a potential Season 4 yet, that’s exactly what we’re doing, mostly because “beautiful” is a great word to describe what we see when we watch Ted Lasso

Much of the comedy has dramatic undertones that focus on people learning to be better humans. Pretty much all of the main characters have screwed up either a little or a lot in their interactions with others, been held accountable by their friends or realized their mistakes on their own, and actually been brave enough to apologize for doing shitty things. While most fans are now waiting (hoping) for Nate Shelley to do just that so that he can redeem himself in Season 3, those moments are wonderful every time they happen amidst all of the Ted Lasso shenanigans.

As we all wait to see whether or not Jason Sudeikis and the rest of the writers have come up with a plan for another three-season arc for the Ted Lasso team, you can check out what we already know about the upcoming season and see what’s available to watch with the 2022 TV schedule

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