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How Young Justice: Phantoms Is Releasing New Episodes After Surprise HBO Max Reveal

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Young Justice made its triumphant return to television after nearly six full years with the DC Universe premiere back in 2019, and now the show has made the move to HBO Max for the fourth season, titled Young Justice: Phantoms. Fans spent more than a year waiting for news of when Season 4 would be ready and hoping for a trailer. Now, thanks to HBO Max’s Young Justice presentation at DC FanDome, fans are getting new episodes starting now! And Young Justice executive producer Greg Weisman has dropped the details for when more will be released, as well as what’s happening for international fans to go with some exciting new footage.

After the DC FanDome presentation that revealed that the first two episodes of Young Justice: Phantoms are already available on HBO Max, executive producer Greg Weisman hit social media to share some release details that were not in the presentation, and for those who didn’t catch the FanDome stream. He posted:

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The first two episodes of Young Justice: Phantoms (which have runtimes of about 25 minutes each) are officially already available streaming on HBO Max, and the surprise release isn’t just HBO Max giving fans a taster and then delaying the rest of the season indefinitely. Greg Weisman’s confirmation that the rest of the episodes for the first half of Season 4 will release on Thursdays means that not only will fans not be stuck with more months of waiting, but also that they won’t run out of episodes any time soon. 

Greg Weisman also confirmed on Twitter that 21 episodes out of the 26-episode order for Phantoms are already completed, and the team is in post-production on the last five, with episodes 14-26 of Season 4 releasing in the first half of 2022. Spread the word indeed! Thursdays for the foreseeable future are looking pretty good for HBO Max subscribers.

That said, those are the announced HBO Max release plans for subscribers based out of the United States. International fans aren’t going to be so lucky when it comes to confirmation at this point, as Greg Weisman shared in a follow-up tweet to elaborate for those outside of the U.S.:

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So, international fans will have to wait for more information from HBO Max, but at least Greg Weisman’s post means that fans can know that he’s not the go-to person to ask about the releases outside of the United States. And there is some footage of the fourth season that is available to those who don’t even have an HBO Max subscription, as HBO Max released the first four minutes of the Young Justice: Phantoms premiere, followed by a trailer. Take a look:

The fourth season of Young Justice clearly gets off to a happy note, with Conner and M’gann heading off to Mars for a traditional Martian wedding, with Garfield in tow. They’ll be gone for a while (and the trailer after those first four minutes proves that the trip isn’t going to just involve wedded bliss), but at least things will be going well for them for four minutes! 

While most of the other original team members don’t appear in the opening, the trailer proves that plenty is on the way for them as well. Artemis looks like she’ll be in for an intense journey in Season 4, and may still be dwelling on the heartache of losing Wally. Dick (seemingly not wearing his Nightwing suit) seems to be going solo and in rough shape because of it, but hopefully Barbara is keeping an eye on him as Oracle to send help like how they worked together back in Season 3. 

As for Will… he’s suffering one of the worst tragedies of the trailer: the loss of his favorite clipboard. R.I.P. clipboard, but hopefully that means more of Bowhunter Security. Young Justice: Outsiders got pretty dark at time, but the various Harpers + Dick teamed up for Bowhunter Security was definitely one of the lighter adventures.

So, in addition to these first tastes of Season 4, HBO Max subscribers (opens in new tab) based out of the U.S. can check out the first two full episodes streaming now, along with the first three seasons. Plenty of other exciting reveals also came out of DC FanDome, ranging from Barry Allen’s new comics-accurate supersuit for The Flash Season 8 at the beginning to the long-awaited trailer for The Batman at the end. 

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