In Just A Week, Ana De Armas’ Blonde Has Already Been Kicked Off Netflix’s Top 10 By A Mila Kunis Movie And More

Ana De Armas as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde
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Netflix has added a number of high-profile titles to its massive catalogue as of late, though few have managed to generate as much conversation as Blonde. The movie, which sees Ana de Armas transform into Marilyn Monroe, was a major topic of discussion leading up to its premiere in September. And ultimately, it was able to parlay that hype into a No. 1 spot on the streamer’s Top 10 movies list last weekend. It was kicked out of that spot after only three days, though, and it’s now been ousted from the list altogether. And this is due to a new Mila Kunis movie and more. 

It’s honestly a bit hard to believe that Blonde is nowhere to be found on Netflix’s trending movies list this weekend. However, some newly released content made some serious waves this past week and over the last few days. One of the biggest titles is Mila Kunis’ Luckiest Girl Alive, one of 2022’s many book-to-movie adaptations. The movie is currently No. 1 on the list and is followed by a plethora of other interesting titles including Mr. Harrington’s Phone, The Redeem Team and Sing 2. You can check out the full list down below:

  • 1. Luckiest Girl Alive
  • 2. Mr. Harrigan's Phone
  • 3. Last Seen Alive
  • 4. The Redeem Team
  • 5. Jexi
  • 6. Inheritance
  • 7. Megamind
  • 8. Rush Hour
  • 9. Sing 2
  • 10. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

I won’t lie, I was really surprised to see that the Marilyn Monroe movie had dropped from the standings entirely. In my experience, when a movie has a lot of buzz surrounding it, it manages to stay in the Top 10 for at least two weeks. Even a flick that’s received less-than-stellar reviews can hit this benchmark. That’s mainly due to the fact that despite any negativity, some may just want to watch so that they can get in on any viral discourse themselves. 

“Viral discourse” wouldn’t even begin to sum up what’s been going down in regards to Blonde’s reception. Most critics weren’t too high on the Marilyn Monroe movie, though Ana de Armas’ performance as the late Hollywood icon has been praised. The middling reviews, however, don’t stack up to the Twitter reactions, which have been brutal. Viewers have shared a variety of critiques, but there are a few elements that they seem to especially take issue with. 

Andrew Dominik, who directed and wrote the NC-17-rated Netflix movie, has been called out for his handling of Marilyn Monroe’s story. Some have asserted that he presents her in a sexualized manner and that his account of her life paints her as a victim. Some have also accused the film of being anti-abortion, a claim that Dominik has addressed. The filmmaker asserted that it was never his intention to demonize the procedure or anyone who’s had one. He also thinks that the public’s strong feelings on the matter may be connected to the unrest regarding the decision to overrule Roe v. Wade.

Whether or not these factors are what actually led to Blonde’s quick fall from the Top 10 list is hard to say. Though it’s probably fair to say that the brutally honest (and viral) responses from viewers probably didn’t help things. Of course, streaming viewership is one thing, but awards season chatter is something else entirely. It’s likely that the former won’t impede on the latter, as the movie still seems to be in a prime position to land a few high-profile nominations. Many within the film community will probably be watching to see if it picks up any honors over the next few months. I’ll also be curious to see whether the movie manages to jump back onto the Netflix list at some point.

Those who are interested in checking out Blonde can do so by grabbing a Netflix subscription. Also, keep checking CinemaBlend’s schedule of upcoming movies to stay in the know about the productions releasing towards the end of the year.

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