It Took Only 3 Days For Blonde To Get Kicked Out Of Netflix’s #1 Slot… By Gerard Butler

Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe wearing pink dress in Blonde
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Andrew Dominick’s Blonde has been receiving mixed feedback from critics and social media users. It’s common for a Netflix movie with mediocre reviews to still have a number one spot like how Queen Latifah’s End of the Road had a brutal Rotten Tomatoes score but was #1 in 80 countries. While Blonde was a #1 trending movie on Netflix after it first came out, it took three days for it to be knocked down to #3…by a Gerard Butler movie of all things.

Netflix’s Blonde is no longer at the top spot of Netflix’s trending movies. As you can see from the picture below, Gerard Butler’s Last Seen Alive has taken the number one spot. 

Last Seen Alive, Inheritance, Blonde as Trending Netflix movies

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Trending movies on September 29th, one day after Blonde’s premiere, had Blonde at number one followed by Lou and Tyler Perry’s A Jazzman’s Blues. It continued to hold that spot until October 2nd when Last Seen Alive dethroned Blonde for the number one spot with Blonde landing in second followed by Simon Pegg and Lily CollinsInheritance. Then on October 3rd, Blonde sank a little further at number three with Inheritance climbing up to second place and Last Seen Alive still in first. 

Last Seen Alive would fall under the example of another Netflix movie with a low rating but a top spot on Netflix’s trending. The latest Gerard Butler movie about a man on a desperate search to find his missing wife currently has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 11% based on nine reviews. An audience score doesn’t currently exist as there haven’t been enough ratings to establish one. Inheritance didn’t do well critically as well as this thriller currently has a 24% on Rotten Tomatoes with a 33% audience score. Despite these low ratings, it’s clear Netflix streamers are in the mood for a good thriller.

It’s possible that Netflix streamers could be looking to watch a thriller that entertains them compared to a sad tale of Marilyn Monroe’s life. So far, Twitter has been brutal towards the Joyce Carol Oates book adaptation where it was criticized for being “anti-abortion” as well as being called “sexist,” “exploitive,” “disrespectful,” and “cruel.” There was also one scene that some viewers say went too far which led to a lot of viewers turning off the movie after. From beginning to end, we learn about what Oates speculates Marilyn Monroe could have experienced and felt during her time in Hollywood with none of it being happy times. Movies like this could be too much for viewers to watch for over two and a half hours. 

While Netflix streamers tend to make up their own mind about giving a movie a chance, Blonde not being in the number one spot could translate that Netflix users have no interest in seeing a movie they feel is “exploitative” and too sad for them. Even though thrillers like Last Seen Alive and Inheritance have been panned by critics, audiences are still looking to be entertained with a thrilling story to drive them to watch. If you’re still willing to give Blonde a chance, you can still find it on your Netflix subscription

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